#1 Trick To Catching Big Game Fish You Must Know | Let Er' Eat!


There are several methods to fish a live bait. Using a spinning outfit along with a circle hook and copper wire makes for a high hookup ratio on big game fish such as mahi, tuna, sailfish, white marlin, wahoo, kingfish and more. In this video, we show you how to use a piece of copper wire to create the perfect release clip to allow the fish full eat the bait before coming tight.

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===Gear You Need From This Video====

Copper Wire Used

Drop Back Release Clip

We will be using this gear in future rigging videos as well.


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  1. Tiger 9 months ago

    No way I can catch that and still see land! We finally hit the GS for the first time a few weeks ago. We were 52 miles out. Average west wall distance is 40NM from my inlet. Be nice to be able to go 10 miles out and be catching nice fish, but man, you got a lot of idiots down there. I can’t stand the people in that area. Wasn’t like that when I was a kid. Just old retired people back then.

  2. Marie Ortega 9 months ago

    Capitán Mike how can we communicate directly with you? My husband and I are interested in taking a private beginners lesson and we’ll like to do it with you.

  3. sertre83 9 months ago

    Very awesome video, bro! Love the scenery shots at the beginning and the end of your videos. What video app do you use?

  4. nick 1208 9 months ago

    before i found your videos i was goose egg on fish with countless broken off and snapped lines for game fish ofshore. after watching these video the last 5 times out on the water i have caught a min of 4 fish per trip.

  5. Fishman Dad 9 months ago

    Do u fish with all heavy rods

  6. Fishman Dad 9 months ago

    Hey mike what is that bag on the front of your boat,so can u make a video on how to use it thanks

  7. shield707 9 months ago

    @9 Min…😂😎 Awesome… Another excellent video man

  8. shield707 9 months ago

    My new favorite channel! 😎 What size drift sock are you using on your boat? Or does it depend? I'm curious because a friend of mine has a 24.5 Stingray 200HP Yamaha we're both trying to figure out the best size to get…🤔 Any advice is appreciated …

  9. Joel Saldana 9 months ago

    Hey Capt Mike thanks so much for your informative vids. I've been learning a lot from you. Where do you get those precut pieces of copper wire at? Do you make them yourself using Malin Hard Wire?

  10. John Lane 9 months ago

    Mike – another great ride along with you – always feel like I'm right there. Primo content! I fish from OC MD – Brigantine light NJ. We've seen changes to the coast line and fish mix excellerate over the last few years. i.e. Barracuda off the shore of MD – which is unprecedented. Your videos clearly indicate your genuine "naturalist tilt" thru an admired respect for the fish, the environment and the kids (those that will inherit ). Without becoming an alarmist – an occasion comment about changes, you see, would be welcome from my perspective – and might even help with the larger issue of climate change "awareness" and its impact on the sport we love. Just a thought… JL

  11. Freddy Hernandez 9 months ago

    MAN that was AWesome LiT UP Mahi on the start of the vid .👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. Scott Michael 9 months ago

    Why not just rubber band rig? Remove reel, slide rubber band up to in front of the reel, reinstall reel. Don't even have to retie! Just put a loop of line under the rubber band (holds line in place) and open the bail. So much simpler.

  13. Reinaldo Rodriguez Lujan 9 months ago

    Te felicito de verdad tiene un muy buen channel ! 👍Deberías hacer un video de como entrar y salir de un INLET de la mejor forma , con un dia malo de mar.Veo mucha gente que no sabe entrar como es debido a un inlet saludos y de nuevo te felicito

  14. Gary Hendrie 9 months ago

    Frijoles con dorada tostones? With hogauo

  15. Gary Hendrie 9 months ago

    Dorado tacos !! Frangelico butter braise not bad too 😂diggin the channel. Delray style.

  16. Ken J 9 months ago

    Great video! What is the ice bag you use?

  17. Adam D'Onofrio 9 months ago

    Thank you for taking the time to share these helpful tips with the rest of us.

  18. zam mit 9 months ago

    I'ves used sort of same line release system..but using a ring rubber band wrap on the rod just above the reel. With open bail, hold few inches of your doubled main line and tuck in the wrapped rubber band. It will hold the line just enough for the fish to pull out..

  19. captain Zuma fishing 772 captain Zuma fishing 772 9 months ago

    Your the best buddy! Good how to info and great action and reel simple hands on approach for those not so familiar with offshore fishing.What size and style of hooks are you using on the drift ?

  20. E D 9 months ago

    Why not just get the spinfisher with the Live Liner?

  21. Gypsyfisherman 9 months ago

    Using the copper wire, is that like using a Shamino baitrunner type reel?

  22. OCEANO Key LargoOutfitters 9 months ago

    Hey man thank you for all your information, specially bait, any good area for bait without a boat?

  23. Alfonso Diaz 9 months ago

    Awesome Mahi great catch Captain Mike.

  24. Terry Ruble 9 months ago

    Wow. Great information. Thanks

  25. David Apple 9 months ago

    Great job Mike.
    Capt. Dave

  26. SNAKEEYES44 9 months ago

    Capt Mike how long is your mono leader to the your wire trace? Thank you

  27. Erik Jordan 9 months ago

    Great content brother. Educating.

  28. Mayur Baliga 9 months ago

    Is this fish tasty??, Grade it between 1 to 10 please, 1 is less tasty, 10 is excellent 👍

  29. FoMoCoSHO 9 months ago

    "I'm not shark fishing today"

    Shark : wanna bet?

  30. Daniel Estrada 9 months ago

    Capt. I used to live in Miami and fish all the time , moved up north near Kennedy space center and absolutely love the fishing here been killing the red and black drums , poms , mackerel and more moving back to Miami and wanted to get back on a boat do you do any charter off shore ?

  31. Christian Molina 9 months ago


  32. Custom LED and FiberOptics Inc 9 months ago

    Nice Fish! It's a bitch being out alone and hooking a fish that size. Been there done that

  33. CKaz280 9 months ago

    what kind of line are you running on your spinning outfits?

  34. manuel rene gonzalez garcia 9 months ago

    No interesas y tardas mucho tiempo en hablar

  35. double agent 9 months ago

    it was a cow and it was about 8ponds lol

  36. דודו שמש דייג ישראלי 9 months ago

    very nice

  37. jmbaker3 9 months ago

    What pound spinning rod is that with the saragosa. Picking up some new gear and was looking to change out my 30 year penn 750's with 10000 shimano. Like to fish it out of the rigger with live bait, along with my stand up rods flying out of the kite. I always use the copper wire trick. Some buddies bought me the release clip but copper for me. This.

  38. xdsmastermia 9 months ago

    that was a stud dolphin man! congrats!

  39. carlos ore 9 months ago

    Wow only in 100 feet of water ? Haulover ??

  40. Les C 9 months ago

    so much better and easier fishing the Atlantic compared to the Gulf,you are so close to shore it's crazy.awesome video bro,Tato05

  41. BigC 9 months ago

    Why would someone thumbs down this video ? Haters

  42. bubba watson 9 months ago

    Water is it's a ball. Flat ocean

  43. CHAVEZ 9 months ago

    Wow in Mexico we call this fish EL DORADO

  44. Musician 9 months ago

    Capt, great video as always!
    I'm having a hard time getting the pilchards and herrings near the Haulover sandbar, can you shed some light about an specific area to try, time of the day etc?
    Thanks in advance

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