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100% Disk Usage 10 Tips for Windows 10

100% Disk Usage 10 Tips for Windows 10

Today I’m going to share 10 tips that I use on a daily basis to solve 100% Disk Usage problems in Windows 10.

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Time Stamps:

0:00 Intro
0:47 (1) Run Disk Check
2:10 (2) Reset Virtual Memory
4:10 (3) Disable Windows Search
5:35 (4) Disable Superfetch
6:55 (5) Disable DiagTrak
7:39 (6) High Performance Mode
8:27 (7) Disable Chrome Prefetch
9:04 (8) Update Windows
10:05 (9) PCI – Express Bug
13:06 (10) SATA Drivers
20:47 Additional Tips

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  1. CyberCPU Tech 9 months ago

    Please Like this video and Subscribe to my channel

  2. Players Vibe Gaming 9 months ago

    Saved for watch later, literally great content 😁

  3. Youdha Rangga 9 months ago

    I followed the tutorial from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and boom! from 100% went to 2%-3%
    Thank you sir!

  4. Asad Attily 9 months ago

    Hello i can't find preload pages for faster browsing and searching in my in myy chrome
    and 19:46 i have a something drive me crazy
    IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
    ATA Channel 1
    ATA Channel 2
    Intel(R) 82801GB/GR/GH (ICH7 Family) Serial ATA Storage Controller – 27C0
    is that normal or i have to do somthing about it
    BTW dual ATA Channels my be because i have 2 monitors on my device ?

    please help

  5. Willem Westland 9 months ago


  6. Val 9 months ago

    I did every step and I'm still getting random fluctuations of high disc usage. Any other solutions to this?

  7. e30kitty 9 months ago

    Thank you sir, i knew about most of these steps, but i had no clue what every single "service" is doing in the background. You explained it very understandable and now i know, i can turn all of this off 😀 BTW: It was also helpfull for me to delete old windows installations in this case, no plan if this makes sence but it's rly faster now.

  8. times of science 345 9 months ago

    It worked, thanks

  9. Karlo Kuzmic 9 months ago

    Hey, I'm having a problem, 7:20 i can't find that service. I found 2 services called "connected devices platform service" but not the one you said.

  10. Meen Shrestha 9 months ago

    Hello man i have two drive one is SSD and another one is HDD…..SSD showing 0% but HDD showing 100%…my computer is very slow when i enter to HDD.. can you make a video about this issue?

  11. INSTINCT 9 months ago

    Thanks this really helps!

  12. wksers serks 9 months ago

    Whenever I try the chkdsk /r c: command and then restart, the disk check and repair always gets stuck at 11% and never proceed.
    I've reset my virtual memory, and disabled superfetch and prefetch,
    I've tried so many different solutions but none worked for me, so i was tempted to try either updating my windows or simply resetting my pc and hoping that it will fix it.
    So before I attempt anything, is there any advice you could give me?

  13. Ramiro CM 9 months ago

    Thanks man, the solutions you gave solved the problem inmediately

  14. Sf Sadik 9 months ago

    Superfetch has been renamed to "Sysmain" in Windows 10..BTW this video helps me a lot..Thanks man..

  15. Alexis Wasilla 9 months ago

    Bruh I scanned my shit for like a good minute regularly and it's back down to like 3% holy shit thank you

  16. Zain Monti 9 months ago

    Thanks so much just with step 1 my disk usage went down from 100% to 1% to 10%

  17. msaiko 9 months ago

    thanks daddy it worked

  18. Daisyree Jane Muerong 9 months ago

    If this help me I will subscribe. But so far it is good, just couldn't find the Chrome Prefetch in windows 10

  19. common man 9 months ago

    My pc gives a buzz sound and freezes and when ever this happens disk goes to 100% need help

  20. John Spartan 9 months ago

    had this too, these worked but in the end using an SSD solved my issues

  21. xSh4dw 9 months ago

    wtf my temp folder has 3Gb in it…

  22. Enjoy Troll 9 months ago

    My disk is at 100% after update windows 10
    And my laptop fan is so loud and sometimes turned off
    And i dont know what these tutorial does to my laptop

  23. prabhnoor singh 9 months ago

    Guys give this guy some subs and love👍🏻

  24. Anthony Marin 9 months ago

    I restarted and my computer performed the Disk Check. My computer is now unable to boot up. I never had this issue before. It gave me error code 0xc0000185. I can't get it to boot into safe mode either. It just says "preparing automatic repair" then "your PC couldn't start properly" along with the error code. When I try to enter safemode it just reverts back to the previous screen.

  25. Hi Hi 9 months ago

    I only have high disk usage in my e drive and that’s where is store my games. The games been freezing and lagging lately. Will this help since my c drive is doing just fine. Also only having high disk problem when I play the games. Will this tips work?

  26. Trevor Philips 9 months ago

    i don't know how but i uninstalled chrome browser and my problem was solved

  27. prabhnoor singh 9 months ago

    Finally Disk at 2%, I do not know how to thank you.

  28. Freeman_ 9 months ago

    Did it all, didn't fix. Nobody on the fucking internet has figured this out apparently, I can't play games, stream or use my pc that I just bought, windows is dogshit.

  29. Rainz SZN 9 months ago

    I’ve done everything and nothing worked. I tried #9 but I had no ide controller option idk if that’s only for ssds because I have a laptop with a 1tb hdd

  30. Patroculus Channel 9 months ago

    Thank u so much sir.. Run smooth my pc.. Yahoo😁😁

  31. Rainz SZN 9 months ago

    When I’m in task manager it’s at 100% even with nothing running and no applications taking up any significant usage. How do I fix this?

  32. francis abellana 9 months ago

    Thank you.

  33. Prabhdeep 9 months ago

    I would prefer get an SDD atleast for your games…and programs can run great on a HDD…AND APPLY THESE SETTING TOO…for your HDD…hope it helos

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