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How’s your balance? Is it something you EVER think about or pay attention to in your training? You better because AGE can steal away our confidence and ability to feel GROUNDED!

The wobble board or balance board may not be a sexy strength tool but it absolutely is something you should implement from time to time in your workouts. There are many exercises you can perform using this simple round disc.

Exercises that target the legs, the core and even the upper body. This video shows you just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting familiar with this little device. Try these in bare feet as well if you’re looking for a more GROUNDED feeling. Bare foot training is highly recommended for anyone seeking a more balanced, more sure footed feeling.

13 Essential Wobble Board Exercises for Balance & Strength

1. Standing
2. Around the World (both directions)
3. Rock Forward & Back
4. Rock Side to Side
5. Partial Squat Hold
6. Bent Knee Toe Touch
7. Standing – Eyes Closed
8. Standing Lateral Bend
9. Standing Twist
10. Hand Plank
11. Side to Side Plank
12. Push Up
13. Full Squat

Doing just this mix of 13 simple exercises will strengthen your entire body and help you form a better mind to muscle connection. The balance board has a great way of getting you to FOCUS on the working muscles simply because you’re working that much harder to do basic movement patterns.

Start using this tool today and you can even add in some light dumbbells for some of these to make them more challenging.

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  1. Jorge Rosales 9 months ago

    Very informative 👍

  2. Rachael S 9 months ago

    Just got my board yesterday. I was doing pretty good until I closed my eyes … Yikes.

    Is it normal for this to cause some pain in the arches of the feet?

  3. Felipe Oyarse 9 months ago

    Great video! Happy to find a recent training video (most stuff online is several years old). Could you make a sports specific series? I would really appreciate a tennis training wobble board video to share with my students. Thanks a lot!!

  4. Rashad Paige 9 months ago

    Just got one thanks for this. Best video I've seen on exercises with this equipment 👏👏

  5. kskrewing 07 9 months ago

    7:40 you gotta create muscle memory to send signals to which ever muscle you want use or workout. Love this video. I'm doing rehab and started the wobble board exercise and I can honestly say, I saw instant results. Thank god I came across this video to get more information. I have L3,L4,L5 lumbar spine problems right now. The wobble board does help you gain good posture and balance so that you put less stress on your lower back.

  6. Stanley Umeh 9 months ago

    Thank you for this video. I just bought one today and out of 4 videos I’m saving this one. It gave the most insight and variety. I will add medicine and dumbbells once i get comfortable.

  7. Rick Martin 9 months ago

    appreciate the instruction – gotta use my wobble board more –

  8. alex Zero 9 months ago

    that intro was epic…………….:)

  9. Andrew Roberts 9 months ago

    I first used a wobble board in physio after rupturing my Achilles’ tendon playing basketball at 40 years old. It really strengthened my tendon in the healing process. I am 67 now and still do some basic exercises like around the world and side to side. Thanks for giving me some new ideas!

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