Alicia Online – Funny In-Game Comics About Control Tutorials

Alicia Online is a Korean horse racing MMORPG that currently is released only in Korea and Japan.

This video shows in-game comics that are available along with tutorials and show hilarious short stories about game controls. I can’t understand a single word written 🙁 but most stories are understandable without words.

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Find news about English release, guides on how to register in Alicia Online, how to download and run it, tips and tricks, quest walkthoughts and everything else – here:


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  1. Rukia 9 months ago

    Wow I finally found a full version of the second Christmas song… and btw Alicia is back online if you're interested in playing again.

  2. Daisy Reynolds 9 months ago

    @croicroga thanks 🙂

  3. Chich Geek Games 9 months ago

    @wolfyrun i can't post a link on youtube comments, obviously. go to my blog to a post about KSSNs, there were links in the comments there

  4. Daisy Reynolds 9 months ago

    @wolfyrun so i kinda need help Dx

  5. Daisy Reynolds 9 months ago

    how did you get a KSSN? I gave up on it but, now im just sad i gave up :/

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