BEST Gaming Monitor? ft. Damascus!

Huge thanks to Zowie for allowing us to review one of their gaming monitors!

Tyrant and Damascus (@zDamascus) put the Zowie RL2755T through its paces and see if it can keep up with the demands of the hardcore fighting gamer.

Check out the full range of monitors here:

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Shoutouts to the Unequalled Media (@UnequalledMedia) guys for helping us with some transitions, and to Confz (@SFVConfz) for the music!

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  1. spvcelord 9 months ago

    Do all the zowie all work similarly the same or the 2460 the optimal one?

  2. Akira Oni 9 months ago

    Does it have speakers ?

  3. Douman Seiman 9 months ago

    27 or 24? is the 27 too big for a desk? thanks guys ! just discovered your channel (from and i'm enjoying it so far !

  4. NEEKO 9 months ago


  5. Yubelicious 9 months ago

    asking to subscribe before the video even fucking starts is bad

  6. The Artist Mark Flynn 9 months ago

    Loving the transition to get the box on the table XD

  7. aidain ashby 9 months ago

    For a second there i tought you were pros

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