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Raptorazor is proud to present the dawn of a skinning and field dressing revolution with the Big Game Skinner and Manō knife combo. As advocates of the gutless skinning technique, Raptorazor designed the perfect knife combo for field dressing made easy and clean. With a unique design specifically oriented for the gutless method, T-grip handle to eliminate hand fatigue while offering complete control, and replaceable blades so you always have a perfect edge, this field dressing combo will soon become the only knives you need in any hunting or fishing situation.

The innovative design of the big game skinner offers a faster and cleaner way to process game. The hook design allows the blade to cut from the inside out, splitting hair while making a precision cut and keeping your blade sharper for longer by avoiding dirt caked into even the toughest of hides. This makes operation as simple as hook and pull. The raptor razor claw design also allows the skinner to spin 360 degrees around the legs of big game to remove them in seconds. With the blade sandwiched between two sides of housing, the razor edge is lifted off the meat and hide making the back of the blade a perfectly guided skinner. On top of the ease of use of the knife’s design, the 100% machined aluminum housing is light and strong. So strong that it comes with a lifetime guarantee on the blade’s housing.

The Manō knife is designed to become an extension of your hand for ultimate control in any situation. Using the same T-grip handle as the big game skinner, this design allows you to avoid hand fatigue and makes the perfect multi-use knife for daily use.

This innovative field dressing combo has everything you need to usher in a new era in big game processing.

Join the skinning revolution and cut your time in half, Guaranteed!

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  1. Logan YouTube 9 months ago

    $80 for a gut hook is way too much

  2. gavinsmitty23 9 months ago

    For sure need this!

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