Building a GAME INVENTORY using HTML and CSS – Part 1!

Hello everyone and welcome back! This is episode #10 in this series and in today’s video we will start building the new inventory window for the player to filter and view their items! Let me know what you think about the new design!

The full playlist for this series can be viewed here:

The scrolling plugin can be downloaded here:

The video where we start building our chat can be seen here:

This game is available to play for free here:

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  1. Future Makers Workshop 9 months ago

    good job

  2. Michelle Bjornseth 9 months ago

    Epic playlist!

  3. Patrick Lanigan 9 months ago

    +1 for Part 2. Really enjoying this series. Found this through the reddit post. Glad I saw it before they deleted it.

    Why don't you use a CSS reset or at least * { box-sizing: border-box; } ? You are repeating that an awful lot.

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