Cabelas Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts: Ep4 – Hog Heaven

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Mouse: Razer Naga 2014 Edition


Xem thêm bài viết khác:

  1. Jared White 9 months ago

    Why am I so addicted to these vids? I need this game. Is it on Xbox one? Or just PC?

  2. Cameron Randall 9 months ago

    I wonder who's watching in 2018 …?

  3. Ella Bray 9 months ago

    I wonder who's watching in 2017…?

  4. A Walking Lun 9 months ago

    Was that a deer or a boar at 0:36?
    Or was i just seeing things……

  5. Juan Junior Aguilera 9 months ago

    dude i killed a boar when attacking me

  6. Lucas Garza 9 months ago

    Hahaha from tht far right in the butt

  7. Zarica Demoni 9 months ago

    no one notice he shot 2 different bore. also ammo, he has the best ammo for the gun, hallowpoint is bad against bones.

  8. Peyton Setzer 9 months ago

    Do a open hunt

  9. Radiation Nation Gaming1591 9 months ago

    What happened to the old cabelas those we're awesome you could put up your own stands and feeders and decoys it was awesome

  10. julian 214 2.0 9 months ago

    xD "SHHH I'm hunt-in wabbits" I laughed hard,

  11. TheShaOfDave 9 months ago

    I wouldn't have called that rabbit hunting "an accomplishment"…lol

  12. Kappa Gaming Games and Vlogs 9 months ago

    lol on one of ur episodes it was called bere vs bear lololololololollolololollolol

  13. Kappa Gaming Games and Vlogs 9 months ago

    bere ur da best

  14. J Vopava 9 months ago

    I love you

  15. Gage Lefevre 9 months ago

    Shhhh I'm huntin rabbits.

  16. Max Milo 9 months ago

    You kill so many rabbit

  17. r r 9 months ago

    Can you play minecraft with mods pls

  18. andrew f 9 months ago

    And shoot for the brain. Easy shot.

  19. andrew f 9 months ago

    Is it an iOS download?

  20. Ashley Caylor 9 months ago

    In reel life the boar would drop

  21. Spike59 9 months ago

    Bere in order to unlock the next region you have to do the Pro hunts. They are the ones with the stars around them.

  22. Hayley Chekal 9 months ago

    shoot dat wolf shhot dat wolf yay u shot that guy in the butt ewwwwwwww

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