Diablo 3 Complete Greater Rift Guide

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Important Stats 1:20
Rerolling 9:40
Gemming & Augmenting 11:28
Follower Setup 15:21
What Greater Rift Level Should You Play 17:09

Maps 18:52
Mob Types 20:59
Pylons 26:12
Elite Affixes 31:14
Rift Guardians 32:37
Crowd Control 33:55

Map Fishing 35:43
When to Skip 37:12
Pylon Tactics 38:45
Seasonal Buffs 44:47
Guardian Tips 46:59
Solo Tips 49:13
Group Tips 52:07


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  1. Raxxanterax 9 months ago

    Timestamps are in the video description. Did you learn anything from this video?

  2. Ag4rw4eN 9 months ago

    should all builds remove area damage? i've been kicked(with my hungering arrow dh) from gr115 because i was using it and the game lagged at one point. they said nobody should use it

  3. Matheus de Souza Carvalho 9 months ago

    Best D3 video on the internet

  4. GutsRage 9 months ago

    I had NO IDEA u could overwrite augs, thanks!

  5. 8ightcolorless 9 months ago

    Thank you so much for posting/making this, now i have to lower my gr tier where i can do it faster & more efficient (was thinking before, the higher the better)

  6. SSG A70 9 months ago

    Does ruby on helm really work inside GR? My zdps for speeds currently have that setup but Im not sure if it does even work

  7. CHITRANSH KUMAR SHARMA 9 months ago

    I am looking for some d3 players to play with

  8. Garian9 9 months ago

    Must watch for any serious Diablo 3 player. Incredible work, thank you.

  9. Downside dn 9 months ago

    if you augment you chest piece using a level 60 gem of ease and add dexterity to the piece, can you level another gem to 60 and add or does it completely replace…?

    do gem augments add or replace existing if they are the same augment?

  10. Ronald Preece 9 months ago

    Do you know how many times I've watched this video?

  11. Z B 9 months ago

    He really said "after that we can focus on pickup radius which will increase our quality of life. Bruh you need a life 😂💀

  12. Roland P. 9 months ago

    Wtf! I found 'Squirt's Necklace' the very moment you talked about it. Should play the lottery today, I guess.

  13. Cry Havok 9 months ago

    Why would we turn on YOUTUBE just to read?

  14. CristiTristi-senpai 9 months ago

    I have a question tho… I now run the demon hunter shadow impale build and i need to hit the mobs at least 2 times to recover my hatred… In this case is still much better to do a lower grift even if i am spending time waiting for my hatred to be restored?

  15. Felipe Gomes 9 months ago

    Hey man, im back for a feedback… I strongly agree vitality isnt worth it… before, with 1 milion life i couldnt handle lvl75 rift with my WD, now i have 600k life and doing lvl 85 =)))

  16. Felipe Gomes 9 months ago

    Nice content. Im new here, but i play diablo for 20 years and still learning with u ty

  17. Steven Woolhouse 9 months ago

    Great video, full of useful information and really well put together! Thanx

  18. SpaghettiNoob 9 months ago

    25:15 'big booties are great in real life.' For about 10 seconds I was trying to figure out if my state had any big dangerous spiders and then I realized that he was talking about something else…

    Also I am a d3 resurrected player. Stopped shortly after AH removed and then played RoS campaign. Trying to find up to date info on how to start and progress has been really hard until I stumbled across this guide. Thank you.

  19. Nathan Warren 9 months ago

    so, either diablo updated the pylon code, or i'm truly the most unlucky player alive, I found ONE pylon in the first 30% clear, and i just kept feeling like there should be another before or even at the boss, at 30% i took my ONLY pylon, and cleared out 70% more trash, (1+3×70%) 211% chance to find a pylon, nothing. after the boss spawned I became tilted from not finding a second pylon so I decided to just say fuck it and run until the end of the floors, checking every pylon spawn location, over 3 floors after when the guardian had spawned, and nothing. 2-4 spawns, is not guarenteed. You can get absolute dumpster luck it turns out.. This was a 115 key with a good starting floor.. It was really a shame.

  20. Snofrost61 9 months ago

    You mentioned this season that you add your Caldesann, on your second day to all your equipment. Did you do that with all gems at max level or did you just to lvl 80 and as you received more permanent gear or reached the higher grifts that you applied the max level gem to the gear?

  21. Chris Godbey 9 months ago

    You think you're smarter than Raxx? Nah. Follow his advice, always!

  22. Inter City Witty 9 months ago

    how about a guide on how to get the items that never drop and you need for your build. ive been looking for 2 items for weeks and never drops. did the gamble, gr's and upgrade rares, and nothing, its pissing me off big time this season, im tired of not getting what i need and seeing others get what they are looking for for a full set in a matter of hours after hitting 70. its bull crap.

  23. Jake Bassett 9 months ago

    You just blew my mind. Though this video may seem super nerdy to most that don’t play the game. But if you play the game, this guys is amazing!! Keep up the videos!!

  24. Joseph Carlo Villaruel 9 months ago

    Thanks a lot man, I've been playing D3 the wrong way. lol After seeing this is, I just reached Paragon 1k mostly as solo.

  25. TheRealMonkeyrogue 9 months ago

    This is old and you managed to make it remain relevant. People claim to do it all the time but you clearly recognize where the game is going to change and where it isn't. Thanks so much.

  26. NightModeHuman Gaming 9 months ago

    This is incredibly useful. So much great information. Ty.

  27. Kameo 1501 9 months ago

    I started D3 shortly before Reaper of Souls came out, played until the Season 3 i think.. stopped playing, did 1 season with Necro few months ago and just started S21. Ive watched some of your videos already and holy i feel i learned so much. Not only this but i can remember it. You have a very good way of educating and explaining and im so glad u take your time to make those videos and i found them. Please keep up the amazing work and instand sub. well deserved!

  28. Miguel Tovar 9 months ago

    I don't understand the Unity in the follower setup. In order to make it work and split the damage, your character should have one too, and that is no good in almost any build. Could someone explain this to me? I may be mistaken or confused.

  29. Miguel Tovar 9 months ago

    Yo, I've only seen 15 minutes, but this is the best guide I've seen in the game. Thank you very much.

  30. William Pool 9 months ago

    Yet again, another phenomenal video. Really looking forward to this season and more of your vids. Thanks for the efforts to and the rest of the team that put this together.

  31. Dustynbearz 9 months ago

    Your high school power point presentations must have been lit 🔥 lol

  32. oru 9 months ago

    This is a really good video and it's very helpful thank you. Also I just want to say the audio quality on your intro makes me chuckle every time I watch one of your videos.

  33. Juanjo Nadal 9 months ago

    Did I really just realized now that you can override augments?
    I have been throwing away good gear all this years…

  34. Mitch Wilson 9 months ago

    Thanks Prof Diablo your class was great!

  35. Mcdonut boy 9 months ago

    This video is gold

  36. Doom Paradise 9 months ago

    This is like going to Diablo university and having a class "Rift 1o1" with powerpoint presentation. Amazing…

  37. Devastator Duder 9 months ago

    U covered so much valuable information! I can see y it’s highly addictive to play, have fun at the same time!!

  38. Yahya Burçin ÇOBANOĞLU 9 months ago

    It is a Best ("S-Tier") Guide for the all seasons ever, and ofcourse, for all classes and its builds!

    I would like to thank you on behalf of all of us for all your kind efforts infiltrated from your heartiness, goodwill and mercy.

    Yours affectionately…

    Yahyâ Burçin (a.k.a; BeeAntOS, TA2DF)

  39. Nathan 9 months ago

    Thanks for sending me here rax! Best guide and lots of good humor lol

  40. dannymcc777 9 months ago

    Cant thank you enough for this video Raxx!!! Great content and one of the best guides Ive ever seen with supporting data and graphics.

  41. Floccinaucinihilipilificator 9 months ago


  42. Viscious Jump 9 months ago

    Whats the best way to find a group to play with on xbox? I haven't done a greater rift yet and was wondering.

  43. Nazgul Linux 9 months ago

    You hate vitality, but you forget about the iron rose chest armor for thorns builds…

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