EVERYTHING You MUST KNOW About Wild Rift – League of Legends Mobile

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Concepts: Best ADC 10.11, Best support 10.11, best mid laners 10.11, best junglers 10.11, best top laners 10.11 patch 10.11 rundown, 10.11 lol, 10.11 changes, ADC Buffs 10.11, Zeal buffs 10.11, Graves nerfs 10.11, Talon nerfs 10.11, Janna nerfs 10.11, Syndra nerfs 10.11, Fiddlesticks buffs 10.11, Lux buffs 10.11, Gangplank buffs 10.11, Hecarim buffs 10.11, Kai’Sa buffs 10.11, ADC item buffs 10.11, ADC HP buffs 10.11, Volibear rework, Volibear rework 10.11

Concepts: Best ADC 10.12, Best support 10.12, best mid laners 10.12, best junglers 10.12, best top laners 10.12 patch 10.12 rundown, 10.12 lol, 10.12 changes, Cloud rift 10.12, Infernal rift 10.12, Dragon changes 10.12, Elemental Rift changes 10.12, Ghost 10.12, Ghost buffs 10.12, Guardian buffs 10.12, Predator buffs 10.12, Unflinching buffs 10.12, Taste of blood changes 10.12, Approach velocity buffs 10.12, Varus nerfs 10.12, Yasuo nerfs 10.12, Cassiopeia nerfs 10.12, fiddlesticks nerfs 10.12, Trundle nerfs 10.12, Volibear buffs 10.12, Volibear hotfix 10.11, Akali buffs 10.12, Senna buffs 10.12, Xayah buffs 10.12, Brand buffs 10.12, Viktor buffs 10.12, conqueror nerfs 10.13, conqueror nerfs

0:00 Intro
0:25 QOTD
0:45 Mechanics
2:34 Gameplay pace
3:48 Map function
4:46 Champions
7:00 Items
8:07 Cross-play
8:35 Testing phase
9:24 conclusions
9:55 Outro

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  1. ProGuides Challenger League of Legends Guides 9 months ago

    Me: Hey guys I'm gonna engage with my flash + Malphite Ult
    Team: Okay we will follow up
    Me: Flashes + Gets phone call from mom
    Team: ???????

  2. Shane Justin Barte 9 months ago

    its feels awkward for the support now that its gonna be only 1 active item

  3. BroPaanZ 9 months ago

    i seriously cannot wait for this!! i hope the community is not toxic and childish

  4. Ray Aguas 9 months ago

    Pro Guide, any news about the when this WR will be available??? Cant wait to play this game…

    P.S. any good link to understand more the game???

  5. Wangchuk khartak 9 months ago

    Ntg good compared to mlbb

  6. Happy Days 9 months ago

    Wth… No heimerdinger…!

  7. Mark Mangjiel 9 months ago

    Guys when it's goin to b released..?

  8. Nay Soe 9 months ago

    It’s going to be sad and ppl might call me traitor but if this game comes out ima have to delete Mlbb and I’m not surprised if moneyton starts giving out free skins 😂

  9. KacperProgamer YT 9 months ago

    The lol rift is compatable with computer ?

  10. suj1th 9 months ago

    I am waiting for this game

  11. Unsober Diaz 9 months ago


  12. Khairil Aqli Qari 9 months ago

    go home now.the hype is dead

  13. Alan Noble 9 months ago

    FFS Roll out the game already!!

  14. Zenzen Says 9 months ago

    Lux: Ulti now spans the while map

    Senna who?

  15. Gamer246 YT v2.o 9 months ago

    Yes it's almost 2021 so advance happy new year 😂✌️to all of us and I can't w8🤤 to play LoL on my cp📱
    Few months to go and it's out 😎
    So Riot game please don't make it too long or mlbb will take over yours 🤣

  16. MUHD AMMAR 9 months ago

    will there be kda skin im dying here to know

  17. 50K SUBS WITH 0 VIDEO CHALLENGE 9 months ago

    Mlbb ban in india:
    Wild rift: real free estate😁

  18. Mugetsu 9 months ago

    Does anyone know when it will be released

  19. Lasha Khmelidze 9 months ago

    How to dowland it whats name

  20. YtTehdabmmo TDM MLBB 9 months ago

    Yasuo just yasuo

  21. Raymark Eblacas 9 months ago

    Why no volibear?!?

  22. Lucile 9 months ago

    20 min a match is still kind of long

  23. ChronosGaming 9 months ago

    I mean we can play it with mouse and keyboard if they implement it ……

  24. AkaliAppeard! 9 months ago

    Prolly the hardest is Lee Sin

  25. Ryan Liu 9 months ago


  26. Keyblade Studios 9 months ago

    QOTD: Zed

  27. sir Jumong 9 months ago

    5:14 graves got no cigar

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