Flying Disc 1st Place – Incredible Dog Challenge 2015 Huntington Beach, CA

Watch the 1st place finish from Torch & Kirby McIlveenin the Flying Disc competition at the 2015 Incredible Dog Challenge in Huntington Beach, CA

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  1. NY NY 9 months ago

    Who needs a friend when you got him 🐶 🐕🐩🙂🙂🙂🙂

  2. Jdf Leo 9 months ago

    She’s also grown out!

  3. Life with amazing dog 9 months ago


  4. tna_handyandy 9 months ago

    She is simply not a likable person.

  5. Pablo Pulido 9 months ago

    Dog for the first 3 min of the video: gimme the fisbee hoo-man

  6. D Trainer Razon 9 months ago
    Reply dancing cha cha

  7. Empress Queen 9 months ago

    i was amazed by this dog

  8. Mauricio Cabrero 9 months ago

    you are ready for the circus

  9. King Brilliant 9 months ago

    the girls always look like lesbians

  10. Charmaine Brittain 9 months ago

    If someone asks me what’s the best sport ima say dog sport

  11. vineet joshi 9 months ago

    Handler lady have hairstyle of Harley Quinn .

  12. NarDawg 9 months ago

    Okay I want a dog

  13. LucasLucasLucas I. 9 months ago

    Wtf am i watching

  14. Tree Walker 9 months ago

    This dog is good, but I've just been watching vids of Belgian Malinois…. check them out, they have superpowers.

  15. Kaka Sawant 9 months ago

    What type of flying disc should one buy to play with a Dog.

  16. Anthony Gachie 9 months ago

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover puppy training classes try Loctavan Quick Puppy Strategy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got great success with it.

  17. BrushyMtnGolfer 9 months ago

    Come on. My dog could do that! I'm more impressed by a girl that can throw a frisbee!

  18. Frøken Norge 9 months ago

    My dog is struggling HARD just to pick it up from the ground..

  19. Anneke C 9 months ago

    What's with all the tugging on the collar ?!

  20. Bryan E 9 months ago

    I'm happy when my dog sits for me

  21. Desinfoterminator 9 months ago

    A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever would be perfect for this sport.

  22. Sally Hildreth 9 months ago

    That was amazing! Especially the in the box catch!! Wow!

  23. Phil Jones 9 months ago

    What a ridiculous woman. Choreography?? If I was the dog I'd bite her.

  24. wick 9 months ago

    what is the brand of the flying disc

  25. Captainoamerica 9 months ago

    what discs do they use please?

  26. Regan 38 9 months ago

    Y’all talking about the dog but I can barely throw a frisbee

  27. Noelle Nauroth 9 months ago

    For the love of christ….even with actual competition we have to hear such drivel for commentary? Are the associations afraid that perhaps the public may possibly learn something?

    It was unbearable to watch without muting it. Would it really hurt to have actual educated commentary on the physically and mentally demanding competitions at the very least?

  28. Macus Aurelius 9 months ago

    My dog would catch it then run off with it. Expecting me to chase him, then chew it to pieces. But he's my dog and I love him anyway. Besides, he has other qualities that are far better use around the farm.

  29. TEJ Jensen 9 months ago

    I think Agility – these disc hunters and others should join as Olympic discipline. There are horses at the Olympics so why not dogs?

  30. flyingnooblet 9 months ago

    what disc is she using in the video???

  31. Gareth Hutchinson 9 months ago

    Amazing but could you train the dog to gather all of the frisbees as part of the display?

  32. M. S. 9 months ago

    What a dog!

  33. Martin Pokmat 9 months ago

    Why does she cut his tail???

  34. D R 9 months ago

    Sorry. Huntington Beach has nothing on Westminster! Must have something to do with the slow rotting of the brain we see that is rampant here known as "swamp rot".

  35. Srivathsan K 9 months ago

    If she threw a bomb hope not the doggie brings it back to her

  36. Cape rider 9 months ago

    Amazing dog! Great teamwork 👍

  37. Tomer Ben Yakar 9 months ago

    You've got to expect the bounce, dog

  38. Hélia Alves 9 months ago

    I had no clue this existed! Amazing sport! This dog is so cool <3

  39. FiZiKaL-ReFLeX 9 months ago

    So, this is a thing? Jeez

  40. Robert Stewart 9 months ago

    Americans must be the most boring people in the world

  41. Sleepy Cobra 9 months ago

    Stupid sport

  42. Currently Us 9 months ago

    That’s so incredible!!!

  43. Sanjay Singh 9 months ago

    Everyone has a specialty… My dog can sleep the whole day 😕😕

  44. Abul Khair 9 months ago

    O my god dog also…thanks

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