Galaxy Note 10 Plus Gaming Controller!!!

The galaxy Note 10 Plus has a gaming controller that should make you Android and pc gaming experience a pleasant one on the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 plus

gLap Play Controller:




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  1. Tarak 9 months ago

    Does the camera bump on the S20 ultra make this a little janky?

  2. Rosa beccerra 9 months ago

    Does it work with a s10e

  3. Fernando Rios 9 months ago

    What procesor have?

  4. Mae F 9 months ago

    What are the name of those games you just show in this video? How did you download it? Is it paid games?

  5. Shandong Daxue 9 months ago

    What about emulators?

  6. PAUL H 9 months ago

    does this support Call of duty?

  7. Tus Nalgas Son Mias 9 months ago

    How is it with STADIA?

  8. Gustavo Alfonso Bravo Garcia 9 months ago

    it's compatible with PUGB?

  9. Franklin Riordan 9 months ago

    I can't seem to locate any information in regards to setting up the buttons. Anyone have an idea where this information would be available?

  10. Jose Burgara 9 months ago

    Will a Galaxy a51 fit on this

  11. Senpai AMV 9 months ago

    It works with the galaxy note 10 lite?

  12. Anthony Nowka 9 months ago

    Does it work with call of duty moble?

  13. Abdel 9 months ago

    Controller looks good but STILL: their is NO space for headphone jack and you can't charge your phone when your playing.

    Fuck Bluetooth. Its a battery drainer and it has delay.

    So this is a No No for me.

  14. John Vaina 9 months ago

    Does it work with ps4 remote play???

  15. Mason Obermann 9 months ago

    Does it still not work with Pubg?

  16. Brandon Fleetwood 9 months ago

    Great video anytime I do a mobile game I am more into the RPG type of games would you say this Gamepad is good for those? For example Dragon Raja?

  17. David Olvera 9 months ago

    I have the s20 ultra and really want to purchase the product but am concern if it will be wobbly since the phone is not completely flat. Will this product fit if a case is covering the phone and of not what would you recommend 🤔

  18. Reubyn Carter 9 months ago

    Koolaid man when he breaks down your wall:

  19. Nunzio99 Lombardo 9 months ago

    A very interesting video but I would like to know if it is compatible with the Samsung Fold, if when I open the device it is possible to insert it in the controller.

  20. William R. 9 months ago

    Yeah i have the note 9 😁 should be real noice then huh bro cant wait to get mines great video thanks for sharing

  21. tik tok Sri lankaa 9 months ago


  22. Gustavo Rocha 9 months ago

    is it run with ASUS ROG 2?

  23. Boba Fett 9 months ago

    Do you know if it works with the xbox game streaming app? I'm looking for a controller that resembles something like this, also does it have the ability to let you play with an otterbox "defender series" around the phone? I know you said it worked with most cases, but I didnt hear anything in regards to otterbox.

  24. KeepitMelo 41 9 months ago

    120 bucks? It too much. Better get ps4 dual shock

  25. Quite Lazy 9 months ago

    Thankyou I've been tearing my hair out trying to find a controller for my note10 plus. Great video!

  26. Gilbert Gallegos 9 months ago

    Dose it work for Cod mobile

  27. John Wagner 9 months ago

    Will this work on COD mobile?

  28. ViX GaMiNg 9 months ago

    79$ for something that does not support pubg is just a no go. They should have developed a mapping software like the flydigi controllers.

  29. Cj Price 9 months ago

    I just wish phone games where worth playing

  30. cgwworldministries 9 months ago

    I disliked your video because of the misleading thumbnail. If you want subscribers, be honest and have integrity with everything. You might gain some subs quickly but if you lie like that you'll lose them just as quickly.

  31. mohammed miah 9 months ago

    Would this fit on the galaxy fold?

  32. Justin's Beaver 9 months ago

    Is there a turbo function?

  33. Ready Freddy! 9 months ago

    I can tell there's a lag….. sorry

  34. Ben Somorin 9 months ago

    What is the best controller for Android. I tried this one and it didn’t work with project xcloud. I understand its just recently been updated to work. Does this work with android games like shadowgun legends . The only controller i have that works with shadowgun is the xbox controller. And I’d really like that Nintendo switch type form factor using my note 10.

  35. Andrew Hill 9 months ago

    Does it work with xcloud?

  36. Xerony Lloyd 9 months ago

    Got it 4 fucking days ago and the control stick is already drifting. This was the LAST FUCKING SCAMSUNG PRODUCT I EVER BOUGHT. Worthless piece of shit company

  37. Red Knight 9 months ago

    What are your favourite games to play on it?

  38. Teela Wilson 9 months ago

    Hello where can I find the gaming console from?

  39. Dody Er 9 months ago

    Where did you download street fighter sir?

  40. Jerry Yeo 9 months ago

    does this or any controller with android have working proportional trigger buttons? these are important for driving games.

    Also it'll be perfect if I could use the tablet's accelerometers for steering and the controller's proportional triggers for accelerator and brakes, and other buttons for hand brakes and gear changes.

    anyone knows anything? thanks!

  41. Erick Burgos 9 months ago

    Does anyone know if this is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy s10 5g version? any input would be great

  42. Kadir P. 9 months ago

    Does the OnePlus 7 Pro fit in this controller? I have the controller already, but still using S9 and want to upgrade to OnePlus 7 Pro.

    Thank you so far.

  43. Andres Alcalde Vilchez 9 months ago

    What about input lag???
    And if you connect bluetooh headphones and the Glap controller in your phone At the same time,

    Does the Glap controller suffer input lag???

    Thanks a lot

  44. Andy Kam 9 months ago

    Does COD work with this

  45. Anwarthekiller 180 9 months ago

    What's is the last game you played?

  46. Jerry G 9 months ago

    Awesome review. Was looking for a telescoping gaming controller for my galaxy s9 plus. Will get this one

  47. Cubamus Prime 9 months ago

    Buys this controller, next year Note 11 comes out and it doesn't fit on the pad cause it's bigger.

  48. diamond alohan 9 months ago

    Please how can I get it

  49. Ronak Bhojak 9 months ago

    Is it compatible for call of duty mobile? Have you or anyone tried it?

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