Game Maker Studio: Turrets

In this tutorial we are covering how to build turrets and latch them onto objects. Using this you can build a space ship game with limited turret pointing or even have a side-scroller with a character that can only aim when actually facing a direction. I put this together for a fellow member of the Game Maker Community who was having issues with this.

Please note that if you are using Game Maker 8.1 then angle_difference is unavailable to you. You can however get a script version here:

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Get the file here!


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  1. vvoodie 9 months ago

    How would you go about putting the two turrets on the wings of a space ship that's facing right?

  2. MikeV 9 months ago

    Great tutorial man, this is like one of the few GM tutorials that are well explained and easy to follow, also, is there a way to make the arms move smoother? (with increasing acceleration and all that)

  3. lycante 9 months ago

    Awesome tutorial, thank you for this! I have to ask though, is it at all possible to teach us how to make the turrets fire? And maybe how to make a basic AI that shoots at the player when it comes into range? 🙂 If it's not too much to ask for. It is, isn't it?

    There are other tutorials out there, but you just have an awesome way of explaining.

  4. Corey Lutz 9 months ago

    Its funny because the way you explain this sounds pretty close to how I explain things to my buddy who doesn't program lol

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