GameMaker Studio 2 – HTTP Requests and Responses – GET

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This video aims to help you with any and all headaches regarding GameMaker and connecting to APIs via GET (get by id, get all) requests.

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Happy Coding 😀

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  1. Diego Vázquez 9 months ago

    Can someone try this on HTML5 export target and tell me if works, I tried but gives me error.

  2. Pradeep Annmalai 9 months ago

    Great tutorial…Mate is there any way to create objects with the response that we GET from the http_get request ? Say ,take your example, once I fire the api , can I make box like individual object instances which have the content of id,userID,body wrapped in them ?

  3. Emma Miller 9 months ago

    thank you so much

  4. YEVHEN ATROSHKO 9 months ago

    Hey, great tutorial. I was just wondering how you would make you own json url with the posts/id. I have hosted my json on a url and i can access the all the structures but I cannot access them individually (posts/1 or posts/2 and etc.)

  5. Larry tesla spacex boring Lawrence 9 months ago

    thank you for gamemaker video

  6. Primed Pixel Music 9 months ago


  7. Mads 9 months ago


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