Hammerwatch – TEAMWORK! (Swedish w/ Friends) [Four Player Co-op] {Indie, Adventure, Action, RPG}

I wanted to record the whole session, but ran out of space.

Full playlist:

What is ‘Hammerwatch’?

A hack and slash action adventure, set in a fantasy pixel art environment. Play solo or co-op in this adventure from bottom to top of Castle Hammerwatch. Kill hordes of enemies with varied looks and features through four unique environments with traps, hidden secrets and puzzles.

Key Features
4 different classes, with unique features and skills
Character development through unlocks and upgrades
Hard, medium and easy of course
Customize difficulty with several different modifiers
Controller support, supports various different gamepads
Multiplayer COOP, for up to four players, online, LAN and local
PC, MAC and Linux support
Mod and editing support, make your own levels and change other things to your liking

Unfortunately I was unable to record any further due to lack of memory space.

The language spoken is Swedish. It’s way to time-consuming to make subtitles, but I may make a video with some highlights and make subtitles for that instead.


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