Hog Heaven – Episode 7 – First Successful Pig Hunt

Caution: This is a hunting video. Shots will be fired, and hogs will fall. Finally after 2 years of preparation, hogs are coming into my 2 feeder areas. One called Bed and Breakfast has lured them in from properties out to the West, and they are now bedding down near that feeder. And that has got them coming farther into my property to another feeder I call Porky’s Playground, where my hunting buddy Ron and I have constructed a large, raised blind overlooking the clearing. The game cameras show hogs now visiting these two feeder regularly every day, multiple times a day, even in broad daylight. In the summer we have to hunt them at night using night vision scopes like the Pulsar N550 you see in this video. But during the winter when it’s cold, they will come out in the daylight hours. We’ve been out here many times trying to hunt the feral hogs, but they never show up. That’s all changed. It’s time to go shoot a pig!


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