Hog Heaven – Episode 8 – Off Grid Game Camera System Part 1

I got tired of using traditional game cameras to monitor Porky’s Playground, the food plot in the woods where I have set up a tripod corn feeder, wallow pond, and numerous other devices to attract feral hogs. Since the ranch is several hours away, I was always late finding out that hogs had visited, and it was time to come up with a plan for real-time surveillance of the area. Even the cellular cameras I tried were not reliable enough, so I decided to implement my own system of webcams, streaming over the Internet back to me. But first I had to solve the problem of getting about 60 Watts of electricity out there in the woods 24×7 to run the satellite modem, WiFi router, infrared floodlight, and the webcam that overlooks the entire clearing. Here’s how I did it.


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