How to Add Icons to your Tools in ROBLOX! (Inventory icons)

In this video i show you how to add icons to tools in Roblox Studio!

This tutorial is useful to those who are quite new to Roblox Studio,
or to those who do not know how to add Icons to tools etc.


Plugin Link:

Video Link:


This video was delayed in terms of upload-wise.
As it was meant to come out 3 weeks ago, 2 days after the previous video.
It was delayed due to editing problems…

But Yeah!

Things should start getting “Normal” now.


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  1. Voidlet 9 months ago

    Note: You do NOT have to put the tools in the starter pack. My small brain forgot that the tool could not collide so therefore it went through the baseplate

  2. MeOnPC 9 months ago

    I didnt understand anything at all. you just showcased your icons yet you did not teach us how to make them. and I'm making food gear right now

  3. 1I1_2020 YASHMIT MANISH JOSHI 9 months ago

    Thx for tip

  4. LookGold_YT 9 months ago

    wait are you a gay?

  5. shisui uzamaki 9 months ago

    How about multible parts

  6. GummyKarhu 9 months ago

    Now how to remove an icon

  7. Mario Mario 9 months ago

    How do i find textureid

  8. Janicy Pimentel 9 months ago

    Please tell me how i change the style of the tool box and how to make it circle and bigger Thanks

  9. rolajam 9 months ago

    lmao who spend hours trying to find a vid like this

  10. Opos King 9 months ago

    I have a question… How to delete that gray background under Item icon

  11. 『Tutakar』 9 months ago

    that was so easy thx

  12. BUIlDitON Tutorial 9 months ago

    Great video

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