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How to Install SQL Server 2016 on Windows 10

How to Install SQL Server 2016 on Windows 10

In this tutorial, you will learn How to Install SQL Server 2016 on Windows 10. First of All, you need to do Download SQL Server From

Then you need to Install SQL Server, after completing the Installation you need to do Install SQL Server Managment Studio Tools.

Then you are able to Use SQL Server 2016 on Windows 10/7/8. I have made the complete tutorial, kindly watch the complete video tutorial, then you can get many ideas from it.

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  1. shalen varghese 9 months ago

    Good job

  2. Priya Ghai 9 months ago

    Can i install sql on Laptop with AMD processor??

  3. Help Me 9 months ago

    One of the best video

  4. Mubeen Arshad MIT18-201 9 months ago

    thanks a lot…very helpful video and a complete guidance in an easy way

  5. Vipin 9 months ago

    thank you, it worked for me. great help bro.

  6. Luke Skywalker 9 months ago

    i did mount my iso sql server 2016 onto my windows 10. The only problem is that it wiped out my widnows 10, so now i only have sql server manager dashboard. How can I unmount sql server 2016 evaluation edition and have windows 10 back and have sql sever separately on windows 10

  7. Raja Y 9 months ago

    Tnqu so much bro u helping it is really v gud

  8. Mohsin syed 9 months ago

    Some features are failed not a successd who succeeded these features

  9. Dilan Abishek 9 months ago

    Thanks alot …Very helpful video..

  10. Rana prathap Ryagella 9 months ago

    Tq Boss u helped me a lot…..

  11. Mohammad Kashkooly 9 months ago

    You are awesome. You did a great job. Thank you very much.

  12. Sean Sexton 9 months ago

    Very helpful video, thank you.

  13. Penguin Army 9 months ago

    Updated Link:

  14. aava regmi 9 months ago

    which .net version it need ??

  15. Dana Cottreau 9 months ago

    This is for SQL server EXPRESS. Change your title.

  16. Anup Kumar 9 months ago

    do i need to install oracle database also? and yes, why we need to install sql server with ms management tool?

  17. Irah Cabangon 9 months ago

    I had problem on local security policy in my Windows 10 Home.
    Installation requires 3 local policies: Backup files and directories, Debug Programs, and Manage auditing and security log

    To fix this, i downloaded gpedit.msc, used this to add my user account to the 3 policies required. checked if added in $whoami /priv. If still not added, restart PC.

    Hope this could help others who experience this. 🙂

  18. manjusha sanaka 9 months ago

    how did you get the server name i am getting it after installation

  19. justin sofo 9 months ago

    More accurate and detailed information can be found here:

  20. Yash Nahar 9 months ago

    Go learn English man

  21. Ramyhaa Selvaraj 9 months ago

    Thank You Sir…

  22. Torey Arlotti 9 months ago

    very helpful. thank you very much

  23. eschelar 9 months ago

    Nice video man. Well done. Very clear and concise. Thank you.

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