How to Make Labels for NES, SNES and Genesis

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  1. iamMusicman 9 months ago

    Hey John, this is internet's grial when it comes to repro labels. Any chance you could re-upload the files as all of them are down! Thanks!

  2. EliteJC TV 9 months ago

    To bad you couldn’t do a servicing make some extra cash on side for label making. Cause this looks awesome I have quite a few NES, SNES, SEGA & N64 carts I got second hand that have ripped labels, slugged an or fading labels. Wish there was people out there that could re print old carts labels

  3. funnychatz 9 months ago


  4. 89sekoo 9 months ago

    Hello, can you remake some of my genesis labels an we can make a deal? lmk

  5. Ian Gates 9 months ago

    i want make repos rcr. like gta san Andres cool hairstyles ,facial, hair, going to different citys , DD, Renagade, mario world , of course copyright infringement . slight nàme change but you get the idea. but you gotta keep the stats.

  6. Louison 9 months ago

    Great video, very informative, love it !

  7. Zachary Foster 9 months ago

    I am restoring some old SNES carts

    Can you recommend a good quality label maker that I can order from?

    I bought these SNES games used so that the game store wouldn't throw them into a dumpster

    I have cleaned them up to near mint condition but original labels are horrendous though

  8. Jefferson Soares 9 months ago

    Do you sell labels?
    I need some labels with this quality for Genesis.

  9. LawlDX 9 months ago

    I came for the thumbnail

  10. Jorge Spindola 9 months ago

    Muito Bom!!

  11. Adam Moss 9 months ago

    Just a bit more bleed on your source labels and you can do multiple prints without recalibrating every time.

  12. Guy Gnol 9 months ago

    3 millimeteres thick lol typical american

  13. Sweatpants 9 months ago

    Just wondering if you could make a cart for me. It's a version of MTPO that I think would be awesome that no one makes. Your how-to videos are awesome but that's a lot of learning and expense when I only want to make one.

  14. Contrivational 9 months ago

    you guys are looking too far into it for a sticking solution, most important thing is to use wax and grease remover, brake cleaner or best thing ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL, every time you ever paint, apply decals or anything like that, number 1 rule in vinyl wrapping and painting cars is clean surface=proper adhesive bomding, the plastic moulding proceass for cartridge shells is lubricated with an oil, this will cause labels to not stick properly. do yous get it now?

  15. Juan Solorio 9 months ago

    Great channel 💯 discovered you via metaljesus

  16. chris pieper 9 months ago

    Is it illegal to sell reproduction games?

  17. Jesse Jones 9 months ago

    Hey JohnRiggs how do I put a sega genesis game label like if i want to make a Sailor Moon repro and what program do you use to do the labels please

  18. Know Your Video Games 9 months ago

    The bigger issue is the price point.

  19. Gief Grief 9 months ago

    I used some of your tips (but with glossy labels I got off Amazon) to make a professional-looking label for my Super Everdrive. Subbed and thanks!

  20. victor ignacio flores cariman 9 months ago

    donde bajas los labels de nes y snes, el tipo de papel adhesivo cual usas.

  21. Chris Puhara 9 months ago

    This worked for my Sonic 3 Complete repro! Riggs helps me again! 🙂

  22. Nintality 9 months ago

    Man i won't be making repros lol, great tutorial vid though. Interesting what processes you go through for the final product. And it looks pretty legit imo great stuff 👍👌😊

  23. Grant Hohulin 9 months ago

    how do you make the label art

  24. PR TechGuy 9 months ago

    Great video – thanks…

  25. grandolddrummer 9 months ago

    Just found your channel a few days ago and YouTube keeps recommending videos of yours to me. And I'm like, "Why am I not already subscribed?"

    Anyways, new subscriber here. Great videos!!

  26. bleedisaster 9 months ago

    Careful PattheNESturd dose not see this video. He'll have an aneurysm…

  27. poison shift 9 months ago

    Before you put the label on, fold the label on the edge so that it is ready to be applied to the front and top of the cart. No need for additional glue or pop ups

  28. Will Camick 9 months ago

    On a break? =( I want labels for some of my used games.

  29. stargate905 9 months ago

    When I heat the fold part on the nes label with a blow dryer it sticks well and doesn’t pop out. Just a tip for who ever

  30. Paulie Dee 9 months ago

    What do i need to do all this, from the equipment, the paper, software and so forth.

  31. Adam 9 months ago

    Can I pay you for a nes nightshade label I tryed to get a sticker off the cart and took have the label off

  32. SykosymatiK 9 months ago

    Very cool!

  33. Rex Warden 9 months ago

    Avery's adhesive name badges (item 25395, UPC 072782253950) seem to work well without lamination, for SNES labels. Some trimming is required, of course. I haven't yet tested them for durability, but laminating with something 1.5 mil or thinner might be advisable.

  34. thesmashtvnetwork 9 months ago

    it so hard to find label i try find a label for a ds game never found it

  35. matsaw 9 months ago

    I use my game boy printer to make all of my lables.

  36. TOPO 9 months ago

    Hey man i got a silohouett cameo it’s a cutter also i would you use it to cut vinyl for shirt printings can i use this for these labels?

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