How to Spot Counterfeit / Fake Video Game Cartridges – SNES, Super Nintendo Games

How to spot repro or fake video games, as shown by The Old School Game Vault. These tips are great for easily spotting counterfeit labels and how to identify reproduction game boards with ease.

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  1. Shane Miller 9 months ago

    If it ain't real I dont want it

  2. V R 9 months ago

    I have a box full of super famicom games that I’m trying to get rid off. Tried taking them to game stop but said they don’t trade for foreign games smh lol

  3. oatmeal batman 9 months ago

    Cool video the way you said these piece of shit was funny too

  4. Zachary Foster 9 months ago

    Repros are bad!

    Well, if you elitist assholes wouldn't be charging so much for official games.


    Get the F out of here with that nonsense.

    A repro cost anywhere from $8 to $20

  5. Xaud 9 months ago

    I could not see your examples, as you were moving too quickly. It was very hard to read the labels and understand what you were trying to show. Sorry man, but not a good display.

  6. Mantis Life 9 months ago

    Can you weigh both of the cartridges? I guess If i ever see one for sale I could just weigh it real quick to make sure its legit.

  7. Otis White 9 months ago

    I buy replica SNES games from China all the time. Sorry but I'm not paying you $1,000 for Chrono Trigger on eBay when I can get the same game for $20.

  8. Steve Lalancette 9 months ago

    Fuck this intro!!!

  9. Licont 9 months ago

    down vote for retarded intro. turn that crap off.

  10. chimmy infernape 9 months ago

    I have no problem with repros if you cannot confuse them for the original product.
    For example if someone makes a fan translation of fire emblem games that never were in english. But if its a game thats avalible and can be confused for the real and already exsists then thats just a bootleg as far as im concerned

  11. rcshaggy 7 9 months ago

    Look at the color too…
    Reproduction video game cartridges have a slightly different plastic tonne than the normal one…

  12. Eric Pochat 9 months ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Getting back into collecting SNES after sitting on my original collection for 20 years and this vid was immensely helpful. Time to sniff out some auctions and see what's legit.

  13. Colin D 9 months ago

    I think the repro labels or okay under special circumstances for your own collection. I have a copy of Zombies Ate My Neighbors where one of the screw holes is stripped out on the front. There is no way I can switch the label to another shell without ruining the original label.

  14. Harold Balczac 9 months ago

    People who plan to profit off of reproduction/fan made games are scum, and the people who willingly buy them and have no problem with the counterfeiters are only adding to the problem by freely permitting piracy.

  15. Johnny Casillas 9 months ago

    I know this may sound like a dumb question did some but not to me why do some Game cartridges say made in Japan others in Mexico and so on and so on does that make them fakes or which ones are Originals I was trying to buy Earthbound from a guy but it said made in Mexico but he opened it up and it had all the signs that you said make it real

  16. masteriansun 9 months ago

    curse every god damned youtube video that opens with overly loud and annoying techo/dubstep music at the beginning…especially when you have to turn the volume back up afterwards to hear the normal volume of the actual video content :(….aside from that this was a helpful video

  17. lordcycle 9 months ago

    I’m buying these and putting them in super famicom carts

  18. Big Boys 9 months ago

    Your intro is wayyy too loud dude

  19. UniBonber87 9 months ago

    All Nintendo games have a indent on the sticker. A random two digit number. Back of nes and snes and front of game boy. If you can’t find the stamped number then be cautious. Ask to open it up at that point.

  20. Keeta 9 months ago

    What are the chances some somewhat large game shops that deal in used games would have these counterfeit ones? I’ve sadly lost half my snes collection and n64 collection(long story) and I’m trying to rebuild my collection. It especially stings because my first ever games were part of those lost, the original version of super mario world that came with the system, and road riot 4wd. So I’m being particularly picky on those. I don’t think the shop would like me opening up the cases in store just to make sure they’re legitimate…

  21. Idtelos 9 months ago

    eBay is plague by reproductions/counterfeits. Not going to buy anyone from there. Have to buy in person and be allowed to open them.

  22. Retro Anthony 9 months ago

    I dont see a prpblem with repro carts IF they are labeled as such. I have bought repros before. The prices for some of these games are crazy.

  23. Retro Anthony 9 months ago

    I dont see a prpblem with repro carts IF they are labeled as such. I have bought repros before. The prices for some of these games are crazy.

  24. Phaux Redtail 9 months ago

    Some sellers now say that it's a reproduction and sell it for far less than a real or a fake being passed off as real. Is there any issues besides value to avoid them?

  25. KarosuMaker 9 months ago

    Man, I just bought an SNES to start a collection, checking ebay, fake copies are everywhere, most times I can't even distinguish between a not even good, but just descent deal or just a scam =/.

  26. SymbioteNx379 9 months ago

    So what did you said to the guy who tried to sell you this?

  27. Johnny G 9 months ago

    I get that they are fake, but is the fake chrono trigger actually a playable chrono trigger game? Will it play the actual game?

  28. -TNB- 9 months ago

    hey man what kind of batteies do these carts take and where can i get them from?

  29. Kevinb1821 9 months ago

    They are getting better at counterfeiting now. I've seen these bastards use legit boards from cheap games now.

  30. Shelton Coby 9 months ago

    do u have game play of any of the fake games

  31. zaneiken 9 months ago

    *Shmup, not shump.

  32. Space Asylum - Gaming in Space! 9 months ago

    Counterfeit games is one of the main reasons I haven't bought many retro games. Like you said, it's like you can't trust anything anymore. Lol

  33. WhiteMambaHD 9 months ago

    I freaking love your intro! I dropped a sub would mean a lot if you checked out my channel!:)

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