Knockoff – The Basics on Scoring – also known as Beersbee, Polish Horseshoes or Beer Frisbee

GIGGLE N GO Knock Off Toss Game – This Outdoor Game’s a Very Challenging, but Addictive Flying Disc Game – Unlike Some, You Can Play Ours on All 3 Surfaces, Sand, Concrete or Lawn Games
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THIS HIGH-QUALITY KNOCK OFF DISC GAME WILL IMPRESS YOU, super fun flying disc game for all ages. Great yard game and fun team building game for the whole family. Great flexibility of game-play. You can play 4 or more people or just 1 person at each end. Size can be made smaller for kids. Can be set up ready to play in 2 min…..
VERY POPULAR SPORTS GAMES FOR KIDS, fun challenging and highly addictive game. Ideal outdoor games, party games, tailgate, picnic or camping games. How to score included or check out our video at Giggle N Go website. Will keep the kids busy for hours….
QUICK ASSEMBLY AND VERY HANDY CARRY BAG, our game is made to a very high standard, and the recipient of your unique gift will enjoy this for many years to come. If it’s a kids gift they will be developing their all-important hand-eye coordination skills while they laugh and have fun all while being active….


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  1. Jason 9 months ago

    I play with the same for scoring, except if the throwing team hits the bottle only, they get 1 point. So they have the potential to earn 4 points in one throw. It's hard to hit the bottle only, so you should be rewarded

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