My Favorite Mario Game Just Got RANDOMIZED

Fun fact, my favorite Mario game of all time is Super Mario 64! At least as far as the ‘vanilla’ game goes. Super Mario World just has a better ROM hacking scene.

Unfortunately, Mario 64 ROM hacks almost never work on an Everdrive (allowing the player to play on original hardware), and I hate playing Mario 64 on PC using an emulator, so I never play them. The randomizer WORKS on my Everdrive though, so I’m SUPER STOKED!

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  1. Casey Cahill 9 months ago

    Please play more of this. You know you miss it

  2. jale kid 9 months ago

    Ryu: if i die, I quit.
    Me: he's going to die. Edit: I was wrong

  3. Birolk Lp 9 months ago

    Man I remember playing through all of these courses as if it was yesterday. If somebody watches this who doesn’t know where exactly all of these places are, then he wouldn’t what is happening there, where all the stars teleport to and how he gets there. Lets be honest, I think only guys who played the game watch this .

  4. Miller SI 9 months ago

    I crawl up the blue switch wall much easier

  5. Duck Man 9 months ago

    Ryu what controller do you use gamepad or pro idk if I should get another

  6. Null 9 months ago

    Cheesing it from the very start, in good Ryu fashion.

  7. Jim Combs 9 months ago

    The Channel Versus with AttackingTucans and JoshJepson put these kinds of games to races. They’ve already done Ocarina of Time randomized, it’s only a matter of time before they do this one

  8. Citrus Things 9 months ago

    I love how Red Cap Over the Rainbow(?) and Bowser in the Dark World are swapped, and not only is failure more punishing than getting back in after falling out, but we get to see Ryu die on purpose several times just to go back

  9. randomized 9 months ago

    Lol my channel name is randomized I've been a fan for a long time.

  10. Willie Jasinski 9 months ago

    Please, please, PLEASE continue this series.

  11. TheBrazilRules 9 months ago

    It gets me mad how Ryu is worse at Mario 64 than me. He could easily get the last red coin in the first Bowser stage by jumping from the fire dispenser and then back kick jumping back

  12. Caleb DeVilbiss 9 months ago

    When are you doing more SmUsh?

  13. Alpha 9 months ago

    I applaud the tenacity of the last 10 minutes, but when you're playing a randomizer, please acquaint yourself with basic movement mechanics, this was painful to watch compared to your 2D Mario vids.

  14. Stanislav Pesic 9 months ago

    Keep it up ryu good job on that one!😄

  15. IamTheSnowman4 9 months ago

    Fun video, I was in shock when I made it to the end.

  16. Logan Miller 9 months ago

    Are you gonna keep going with this game?

  17. John Smith 9 months ago

    Hate to be "that guy" but I never thought Mario64 was a very good game. Sort of mixed bad controls, bad camera, slowdowns, and confusing level design.

  18. MPDeity 9 months ago

    All you kids: Stop saying "I remember playing this as a child." Or "I haven't played this game in two decades." That is totally false. The Super Mario 64 randomizer us totally new. You could say, "I remember Mario 64 from my childhood." That claim is NOT false.

  19. JamieJay 9 months ago

    This is like the best thing ever! More, please!

  20. Mark Valkner 9 months ago

    Pure entertainment.

  21. Stabity Stab Stab! :o 9 months ago

    Omg! I had so much fun watching this! Plz make this into a series PLZZZ!!!

  22. xSPYDRx 9 months ago

    imagine an updated mario 64 with a randomizer option and mario odysee graphics.

    the dream.

  23. MrDirt 765 9 months ago

    slopes, amirite? ryukByNow

  24. Yoshii49 9 months ago

    Do I sense the next race with DGR coming up???

  25. A T 9 months ago

    I need to see more of this. Loved it

  26. Jarne Hermans 9 months ago

    Is there coming a second episode of this???

  27. The Twi5ted Circus Gaming Channel 9 months ago

    The camera angles on this game used to frustrate me so much when I was a kid haha

  28. meraak1 9 months ago

    Guys, I'm calling it right now: Ryu's uploading a mario kart 8 video today

  29. Arosifu 9 months ago

    Now, ryu try a hat in time, it's a game like this but it's new and always have update! You can play with 99 fans

  30. chillseeker 9 months ago

    That kicking tech to get up the slope for the red coins was amazing to watch haha

  31. KittenKillzU 9 months ago

    where can i find this rom?

  32. CaleOverwatch 9 months ago

    you should learn to speedrun this game. Speedruns are so enjoyable and fairly short for this game.

  33. Sri R. 9 months ago

    Ryu I hope you start playing the harder SM64 romhacks! I've been requesting you this since I started following your channel lol

  34. Alexandre Menino 9 months ago

    why the heck does noone put the link for the rom hack download in the description it is so frustrating

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