(NES Excitebike) Mega Turbo & Super Fast Recovery – Game Genie Codes

(NES Excitebike) Mega Turbo & Super Fast Recovery – Game Genie Codes

Extra Game Genie Codes for Excitebike for the NES:
Credit: Galoob
⚫ AEXIKOYA (Recover Super Fast)
Credit: Galoob
⚫ ESOVOZEY (Beat Track in One Lap)
Credit: BeyondTheStatic
⚫ GZSSOYVT (Freeze Time)
Credit: Demonic722
⚫ ASEKNIEY (No Slowdown in Grass)
Credit: BeyondTheStatic

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  1. Tod_NL 9 months ago

    °•° 99,999cc

  2. Kepler 9 months ago

    I remember how this game used to frustrate me. Pretty much just like Circus and LJN's Terminator 2 did.

    Loved how biker jumped so high, he went all the way to the bottom of the screen

  3. Penguin Sphen 9 months ago

    Wait was he jumping off the top screen and landing on the bottom screen? XD

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