Owner Jobu Big Game Fishing Hooks

Owner’s famous Jobu pattern is a specialist big-game hook ideal for both lure trolling & bait fishing. Made in Japan from high carbon steel and forged to XXX-Strong. They feature Owner’s unique ‘cutting point’ for excellent penetration, and a deep throat bend to assist in keeping fish hooked. Finished with durable black coating for added corrosion resistance.

These hooks are ideal for both double & single hook rigs, and are a favourite with heavy-tackle anglers thanks to their incredible strength.

Because these hooks are made from high carbon steel, we recommend using a small strip of Owner ‘Rust Stop’ attached to the top of the shank. Remove a little of the black coating before fixing the Rust-Stop in place, as this will allow direct contact with the steel. A small length of heat shrink over the shank will provde a neat finish.


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