PAL SNES & Super Famicom End Labels Tutorial

After gathering a small amount of Super Nintendo games I’ve always had trouble putting my hand directly to the SNES cartridge that I wanted first time. In this video we create some PAL SNES & Super Famicom end labels for some SNES carts so we never have to go searching again 🙂

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  1. Harry Atomic 9 months ago

    Its never sat right with me the amount of cart based games without end labels. Let me know if this has helped you solve this problem for your SNES collection 🙂

  2. Happy Beard Games 9 months ago

    Hey! I just found this video a couple days ago. I got sticker printer paper and printed out my first sheet of labels. Your template really helped me out as I was looking for this for Super Famicom cart end labels.
    No one else online is doing this or at least isn't sharing so big thank you for the help and inspiration. I'll be showing some of my labels in an upcoming Famicom video of mine soon so I will be sure to link your channel as credit. This was a really easy project to print, I did make a few modifications to color and sizing on the template. I also tagged you on my Instagram post. Awesome video!

  3. Skull 1987 9 months ago

    We should have gotten the american snes

  4. Charlie Young 9 months ago

    I just write the game name on the top with a marker.
    Sure, it decreases the value, but it's easy and quick.

  5. GCNElite 9 months ago

    Looks mint I need to get some of those

  6. Jack Lazzaro 9 months ago

    I hadn't even noticed that PAL snes & super famicom cartridges don't have end labels

  7. Jesse Jones 9 months ago

    I am going to use that Harry Atomic because I have a Super Famicom cartridge that doesn't have a end label on it

  8. MrCrossa 9 months ago

    How big did you print the file?

  9. Dan Ormond 9 months ago

    Awesome job! I need to do something like this for my SNES games and you've given me the inspiration that I needed 😀

  10. Peteroski 9 months ago

    Awesome! So weird that nobody makes these to sell on ebay. Should be a lot of pal collectors right?

  11. Bergel of hell 9 months ago

    Those are awesome! I've been searching labels like that very long time and it's very nice to have that file so you can print those as many as you need so you don't have to buy them anywhere. Excellent work 5/5!

  12. You Wish 9 months ago

    Hi Can I ask what FONT you used for your end label templates?

  13. Dan Mac 9 months ago

    Thanks, I'l try this, looks cool.

  14. Densester 9 months ago

    Now if only my computer worked with my old piece of shit printer.

  15. luiz urtiga 9 months ago

    Cool video man, I will probably end up using your layouts, but I think they are more for pal snes than famicon since the label is black and the japanese ones rarely had black in the front label

  16. lelausannois 9 months ago

    I like the design. Would you mind sharing the templates?

  17. Fish 9 months ago

    My room is empty when compared to urs (with games n stuff) 🙁

  18. Thomas Mc Closkey 9 months ago

    Good idea, lehd!

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