Q Acoustics Concept 20 Full Review

It’s finally here! The HTH Q Acoustics Concept 20 Full Review!!!
#QAcoustics #BookshelfSpeaker #Concept 20
Q Acoustics 3010i Review:

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  1. Carlos Recuero 9 months ago

    what cable to use to connect the acoustics 20 ?? link

  2. A D 9 months ago

    What wiring did you use for your bi wire setup mate? Had issues with having plugs that fitted with them, don't want to spend more money on cables – Thanks for the review 🙂

  3. Chris Selner 9 months ago

    I’m glad these are getting some press but I have a couple of comments about the review. I don’t think you mentioned the price but I think this smokes anything 500 and under as far as build quality is concerned. I’ve seen the elac slim, klipsch 600 piano black, the new b and Wilkins etc and all are hollow compared to these. For me this box is only bested by the ls50 as far as main stream audiophile speakers go. The build and fit and finish is really amazing. I agree that the grill holes are ugly they are but with the gloss finish and the almost resonance free box this is head and shoulders above. With little resonance they can also take quite a bit of power and get loud without distortion or at least that I don’t want to put them higher for hearing concerns. The bass for me requires a sub. They are really bass light and not too enjoyable in that regard without help. As far as the highs I think they lack that last bit of sparkle that would take them up to another level but the treble that is there, for me, is quite smooth and not silibant (or pitchy as you describe the female vocals) but not too relaxed. They could resolve a little better but the smoothness I guess is an ok trade off. The soundstage isn’t too huge and imaging is ok but not as realized as with a klipsch horn. For me the klipsch horn trade off is that it is a bit harsh for me. This is from a former rp 150 owner but I haves heard the new 600s so I don’t know if it’s smoother or not. I find them pretty enjoyable for music when connected to a powered sub. I like them but it’s hard compared to the ls50s which are another level above these. For home theater they’re not bad but my towers of course convey a larger sound. I think even just showing someone who has only seen vinyl wrap speakers these will blow their mind with such a great box and finish. The box is even way bigger than my elac slim towers. In fact, I’m always tempted by the concept 40s which I heard at an audio with a roon demonstration and I was floored.

  4. BenkaiDebussy 9 months ago

    Sound tests in videos like this always confuse me because you're just hearing them out of your home speakers (amusingly the 3020i's in my case lol).

  5. Ross 9 months ago

    Cool t-shirt, love bookshelf's speakers, but only a little bigger. Great review 👍

  6. Chao-Xuan Liu 9 months ago

    Thanks for all your excellent reviews! Watched a lot of them. How would you compare the C20 to Chane A2.4 or SVS Prime?

  7. Simon Worthington-Eyre 9 months ago

    I own these speakers, I totally disagree with his comment about pitchiness. I listened to many speakers when I was choosing and I thought these were the best. These speakers are incredible for their size and price.

  8. Rafael Alberto 9 months ago

    Sorry for my poor english first of all. I have these books matched with nuprime ida8 and they really sing. Details soundstage and everything is amazing. I don't agree with your review and the "weird" tweeter sound. Best books under 1000 usd easily. In my opinion obviously

  9. Robert Barton 9 months ago

    Iv'e owned many speakers and non of em sounded that bad close to a rear wall, way too much noise coming from the port, there was still some noise with the bung in the port too. hopefully this would be ok with the speakers well away from the rear wall

  10. ryan waterworth 9 months ago

    So compared to the 30 range which do your prefer ?

  11. D Chron 9 months ago

    Hello, Home Theater Hobbyist. Thanks for taking the time to review these speakers.

    I would like to better understand your review. May I ask you a few questions?

    What female singer and specific sound recording do you refer to in this review?
    How close to the rear wall did you place these loudspeakers?
    Did you use your AVR's Audyssey/Room EQ for this review?
    Could you describe (clarify) what pitchy means and/or sounds like?
    What loudspeaker were you listening to before the Concept 20?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  12. E Mail 9 months ago

    Which amp did you use with these?

  13. Brandon Gaster 9 months ago

    I'd love to see a review from you on a Q Acoustics soundbar sometime. Really enjoying your channel. Thanks for your hard work.

  14. Paolo Canali 9 months ago

    To get the best sound you need the right amplifier. I tried this exact same speaker with several amplifiers from my collection. I got the best results from some tube amplifiers: sound was articulated and natural – exactly what I wanted – albeit not very powerful, as you may expect from the small size. With most class-D and some solid state amplifiers I noticed the issue on the high frequencies. It was obvious, and very unpleasant with some amplifiers (the cheapest ones, for instance). This is also true for the Concept 40 speakers – they seems to have the same tweeter and tonal quality.

    Next time, please declare what amplifier you are using and try to test the speakers with different setups, because some spakers are forgiving and works with any amplification, but others like this one seems to have very specific needs.

  15. Bob Hope 9 months ago

    You missed a major part of the speakers having a cabinet within cabinet design with Gelcore in between that never quite sets to help cancel cabinet resonance.You also need them at least 8 inches away from the walls.Iam from the UK and have had these speakers for a couple of years very happy with them a great bang for the buck option,thanks for your review.

  16. Sly foxxx 9 months ago

    What speakers would you say rival these for films?

  17. Kendall Tull 9 months ago

    Good review. Was the bass 'slappy' when the speakers were further from the walls in the ported configuration or was that just when they were close?

  18. Joseph Hardison 9 months ago

    I’ve been watching your channel off and on for awhile and decided to subscribe. You provide great 👍🏽 content and details information with your honest opinion about an product. My one take away would be your video quality I think it could be a little more crispy. Have thought about changing your camera shooting in 4K. Overall I really like your channel. Keep up the good work.

  19. Hi-Fi Haven 9 months ago

    Great work on the video man! Great looking pair of speakers. Looks like nice build quality. Your presentation style is awesome. Please keep up the excellent work man!

  20. Mohammed Sadiq 9 months ago

    How does it sound compared with Elac Debut 6.2?

  21. Alvin Cole 9 months ago

    I don't understand how connecting one wire at the top and one at the bottom "improves" the sound. It is a parallel connection? Something I'm missing here? 5:21

  22. Junior OG 9 months ago

    what tv stand you are using

  23. Sly foxxx 9 months ago

    Been testing a pair last week, sounds good with films. Getting some nxt week. Definitely better for films than the 3020i's which didn't have the mid range umph.

  24. Ron Bernard 9 months ago

    Another great very detailed review

  25. Darin Buss 9 months ago

    I have the C2,C1,E1 I’m planning on gettttge E2’s soon

  26. Darin Buss 9 months ago

    Are you going to get some Airmotiv Speakers for Emotiva?

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