Rift – New Player Guide! [2019]


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  1. Braydon Tittle 9 months ago

    sounds like a copy of Aion?🤔

  2. Joseph Peters 9 months ago

    People really thought this game was the World of Warcraft killer!” Lol what a joke 😂 Shadowlands will revive wow from bfa…. been through it all with way even through the bad I will never stop playing and no mmo will ever kill WoW, ever.

  3. Tempest Xmen7 9 months ago

    Thank you for the info.🥰

  4. Sayne 23 9 months ago

    What's a good warrior dps spec?

  5. SubFlow22 9 months ago

    Yeah I was part of the 230 man crew that Trion Worlds laid off with 2 weeks notice and a paycheck worth of severance right before the holiday season. Bad financials, sold to Gamigo German Nazis. Screw this game and it's current owners.

  6. Lion Tiger 9 months ago

    i search all of YouTube for guide that learn everything from 0 to beginners

    all Guide are bullshit and not useful for beginners. even 0%

    You must thing 1 person play game for first time need to learn Very important content that is also very simple
    about key, how to set skill to The bottom bar of the page and simple content like that
    you should think 1 person play this game and this game is first his or her MMORPG
    Unfortunately, all guides are useless

  7. TYK 9 months ago

    Thanks, I'm a new player checking out the game so this helps.

  8. Tambian 9 months ago

    If someone – anyone could ever revive a game count me in for support

  9. Tambian 9 months ago

    My absolute favorite mmorpg ever…Played everyday for 7 years nonstop.. Nothing has come close or ever will as far as i'm concerned…From Dungeons , pvp, conquest, event boss trackers etc i was in heaven. So sad to see it how it is today.. Think i'm still grieving if i'm honest 🙁 The music ost for Silverwood…. omg, memeories made my eyes well up ffs

  10. J R05 9 months ago

    One thing not mentioned, when opening up the shop to sell things from your inventory, at the bottom of the window there is a button to sell all grey items.

  11. Cinnamon Girl 9 months ago

    I had read that this is a good game for a person who is new to gaming. But reading these comments has me discouraged. I played vanilla wow a long time ago. I tried playing again and leveled a character to 55, and then just lost interest. I want to try something new. What is a good game for a person who isn’t really a “gamer” but does have the interest to get into it. I use to not have time to play but now I have all the time in the world thanks to medical issues I’m dealing with. Can someone help me find a simple game that will help me get into gaming? It’s not gonna be WOW. I tried. I also tried final fantasy VIX and did not like it. It felt so complicated as a beginner.

    I did like the simplicity of WOW….. I just got bored with it because my guild fell apart and because I’ve already been there and done that.

  12. warmfreeze 9 months ago

    I really miss this game…. too bad they will likely kill it off soon..

  13. John Smith 9 months ago

    Same with ESO… they just ask for too much money.. then wonder why people quit.

  14. Oc Mania 9 months ago

    I just got Rift to play with my friend since we were bored and I'm kinda coming from Elder Scrolls Online and it's alright. The quests are really boring but I think that about every MMORPG. I don't understand how a lot of things work but I'll figure it out I guess. That's why I'm here after all.

  15. Jordan Breon 9 months ago

    Meanwhile, in FFXIV, there are 30 new players on my server in just one of the three starting cities.

  16. Tvhn 9 months ago

    Someone please tell me the honest truth is it p2w

  17. Angel Stewart 9 months ago

    you can fly in Rift now?? 12:50

  18. Felipe Osti 9 months ago

    Wow, they trashed the game so badly. Gladly I watched your video before downloading it again.

  19. Wayne Braack 9 months ago

    Instant adventures killed open world questing and dungeons. Creating a system to bypass the very game you created was dumb. Also there is very little variety to these leaving you grinding the same events over and over.

  20. Bear Banters 9 months ago

    I don't play anymore but just an FYI Cleric was my main. I must have spent over 125 full days of play time back when I had 3 leg surgeries back to back 🙁 If your looking for a class that can Que as Tank Heals Support or DPS without the pay wall go with Cleric. They could que as any from day one. Don't know if it is still the same because once I could walk I got out of Rift and back out into the world…. 🙂

  21. Joshua 9 months ago

    New player tip: expect no help leveling, no lfg queues til at least lvl 60+, game is p2w, game is pretty dead

  22. Bamwich 9 months ago

    these "instant queues" that teleport you around, are the real death of mmorpgs

  23. Vladi Sebo 9 months ago

    good job!§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

  24. Redfoxx 9 months ago

    I loved this game so much. Spent so many hours into this game. Shame Trion milked the game without caring about its player base.

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