Serpent's Tongue Arena Match 2

Serpent’s Tongue Arena Match 2.


Christopher and Brian get creamed by a classic Forces Discord Rush Electric Attack on the part of Ecthelion, combined with a Matter Supported Atomic Strike finisher.

Christopher and Brian were trying an Enhancement Rush strategy, which tends to get ousted by a Dmg Rush. There is a bit of a generalized (very generalized) rock scissors paper structure to the opening gambits.

Dmg Rush beats Enhancement Rush
Enhancement Rush beats Defense Rush
Defense Rush beats Dmg Rush.

Of course these are very broad strokes, and in a 2v2+ match the members of a team may be doing different things simultaneously.

Last night Ecthelion went Electric DMG rush which is very fast and very powerful and kill a whole team in 2 – 3 turns, BUT will put them deep into Discord. if they do NOT kill the team that quickly then they can die from all the Discord they have built up.

Flare on the other hand went Defense then Support. The Electric Rush is so powerful that only one member needed to perform it.

Christopher and Brian were like naked virgins in the wild against the onslaught as they attempted to slow build a powerful Enhancement matrix. They did not get it up in time and were taken down in short shrift.


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