Serpent's Tongue Arena Tournament 1 – Developer's vs Keepers

Here is a video screen share of our first public and live match. This first 2v2 which is developers vs keepers is quite long and slow actually as we discuss the different elements of the games and many rules. Some players were still learning the ropes of the ST Arena system. We also played with neither Spell Preparation phase NOR timers. (usually without the one you have to have the other otherwise it can add too much time). Next week we will skip so much tutorial commentary and future matches should be much faster.
This was actually only a 3 round match — which is very possible when you are doing team matches, since so many options open up. For example the ability to ‘DPS’ one Magi down under the combined assault of both Magi. (Which is what occurs in this match. Brian and I DPS (lol probably the wrong term… Damage per Second.. it should be.. Damage Per Round?) anyway we focus fire on Ecthelion while Flare is still ‘setting up’ his attack. By the time Flare switched and shielded his comrade he was down to 2 Essence. Then we switched and focus fired Flare down to 0. They make a good run of it and ALMOST take us with them with a last Atomic Strike (which Brian and I took on the chin.)

Anyway the point is once you start working with a team, the combinations and the ability to output damage goes exponential.


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