Serpent's Tongue raw video how to play an encounter

This was recorded on my iPad. Funny the front camera is upside down. My editing software could have fixed that, it is funny so I kept it.
EEZ Thi Lan. The i makes the long E sound. Technically I miss cast this and it would have been a failure. I still had one ‘will’ left as a free action trade for resonance. with 9 resonance I can hit him with an area fireball. for 4 dmg. Minus flame eterne LSS would have 2 essence left, I am not in too much danger and meditate for second action kill him next round.

I forgot my discord roll. assume I failed and lost 3 essence.

This needs much editing and redoos to be polished, promised it to a fellow magi so you get all the bumps.

LS Bob


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  1. FlameForFire 9 months ago

    Thumb and pointer on that Lin'Li-n Bob =)

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