Skill Based Matchmaking is RUINING Multiplayer Games!

Skill Based Matchmaking is RUINING Multiplayer Games! Not just Call of Duty Modern Warfare but SBMM is ruining ALL online multiplayer games, even apex legends and Fortnite. It’s time to remove sbmm! Treyarch needs a “ping is king” no sbmm playlist in Black Ops 5 (cod 2020)

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  1. Shadowbane_1992 9 months ago

    old school Modern Warfare 2 did it right, no SBMM, separate teams equally based on points earned from last match within the same lobby. SBMM is so goddamn awful, if you're actually good at the game every match is forced to be a sweatfest and it will Never change. Whoever originally designed SBMM has a special place in hell

  2. Keien Lawson 9 months ago

    SBMM is the the 00.01 percent of germs that sanitizer can’t kill

  3. Natez 1993 9 months ago

    Titanfall failed because the first game was Xbox Exclusive and the 2nd game released sandwiched between the launch of Battlefield 1 and Infinite Warfare

  4. jay martin 9 months ago

    They make more money with sbmm.

  5. ichatterbot 9 months ago

    U need some sbmm but it needs to be like only 3 levels of equal size…..not like 25 levels.

  6. Arc Red 9 months ago

    They'll never take it out because many of its lesser known components are designed to manipulate new players into engaging with the microtransactions. Its essentially turned a ton of people into slaves. Makes a fuck ton of money. They won't stop until whole world burns to the ground.

  7. M Mac 9 months ago

    You're an idiot. I just bought COD and when I spawn and die, I'm not learning. I'm a very good Destiny pvp player and you would get killed there, just different skills. I would have no fun whatsoever stomping first time players. I would rather they play guys their own level or at least give them an intro phase. In a sink or swim situation you drown. Furthermore the player base shrinks, revenue drops and games aren't as expansive.

  8. Nick Morpus 9 months ago

    People who complain about SBMM crack me up. Sounds like you just want to smack around some noob kids and now you’re mad because you actually have to try lol.

  9. Michael Enns 9 months ago

    Your gyms are opened …. omg
    I wish I could go the gym again. Holy moly it sucks not being able to do anything outside the house.

  10. Joelice 9 months ago

    Getting good competition is one thing, I like that. When they start giving me stright up retarded teammates its not playeble. Only way to play the game is to run with a full squad..

  11. Flooded 9 months ago

    Honestly medal of honor was a great game

  12. RIKO THE MAN 9 months ago

    Ping is king!

  13. Kirizaki 9 months ago

    titan fall failled ? reason = the dang titans was boring as fuck and you couldnt find almost any players to kill it was mostly AI .
    if they made a titan fall game focus on pvp no mecha i would be playing that shit 24/7 lmao

  14. JoyBoyKing 9 months ago

    It's ruining all games. I bet Valorant is next to have SBMM soon. I can feel it 🙄

  15. Weagle Weagle 9 months ago

    Damn thunder, I'ma have to make a "ping is king" counter lol

  16. derp fergusen 9 months ago

    my friends cant even playbwith me – i have 26,000 kills and even when my average party level is lvl60

    we get matched agains 155's just cuz i have like 16 days played

  17. ErDaddy 9 months ago

    If they want to protect the noobs so much, give them their entire first prestige until level 55 SBMM. Then once you hit max level, that's it, your in the gen pop now, you should be more than competent to compete against everyone. Not sure how partying up would work if one person is less than 55 and one was prestiged already, but they could figure that out.

  18. Jordan morris 9 months ago

    The reason "Titanfall" failed, is because of the same reason why shitty COD titles seem to somehow excel.. casuals! COD is a household name! People don't want something new!? They want the same old shit spoon fed to them..Hell, the only reason the franchise is a famous is because of the very developers that made Titanfall. That's irony!

  19. Jamie Gaskins 9 months ago

    I’d take playing against black ops 1 host pro over skill based matchmaking every day of the week

  20. David Hunger 9 months ago

    The media has a narrative they are following and its running opposite of the current administrations mission.

  21. Curtis Rouse 9 months ago

    SBMM ruins the casual experience. It fills the lobbies with sweats and just makes the game 10 times less enjoyable. Just have a separate comp mode that has it, but, unlike fortnite don't have sbmm in causal and comp since it makes comp redundant

  22. Gubzs 9 months ago

    I'm fine with SBMM for the low skill players, they don't need to get dunked on all day or they'll quit. As long as SBMM has a ceiling on it it's fine.
    Once you're an average player, it should stop punishing you for getting better.

  23. Gubzs 9 months ago

    It's the baby generation. Everything has to be fair and equal, because the definition of fair is "life is harder for you because you can handle harder things"

  24. IxKILLxZ0MBIES 9 months ago

    i dont get it man if you want the games to be easy play bots

    P.S i still think SBMM in COD is a myth/conspiracy its just theres alot more ppl playing and on average casuals are better at games than they were 10 years ago.

    and speaking of conspiracys you are a real fucking IDIOT thinking Covid 19 aint nuffing and spreading a realy stuipid msg. young fit healfy ppl have been left with lungs like they smoked for 60 years after recovering it aint no joke

  25. xXbeanskillXx 9 months ago

    titanfall was soooo goooood so smooth i miss this game

  26. LettuceB 9 months ago

    So let me see if I understand this…

    – SBMM should be removed so the top players (the minority) can have fun and bully the average player (the majority).
    – SBMM should be removed because good players are now challenged and forced to evolve by players of the same caliber, and losing games doesn't make good content.

    Every argument I've heard for removal comes across as a narcissistic toddler wining about losing their toy. How often does someone say a game is dead and it's boring… did they ever consider this is because it's no longer a challenge? Those who want SBMM removed need to do more than complain about it, they need to offer up a solution that is better and continues to protect casual gamers from the bullies.

    There is no perfect solution, but SBMM will allow these games to retain a larger player base in the long run. As for other metrics like ping or bandwidth, these should be ignored. The games should be designed to tolerate a small amount of variance with the assistance of predictive algorithms… nothing more.

  27. GlobeGamer21 9 months ago

    SBMM will be in multiplayer game. JUST SAD

  28. Gregory Klemkowski 9 months ago

    Lmao you’re an idiot.Very misinformed. This is serious and many people will die. The flu has a 0.1% death rate and corona is sitting at 3.4% right now so don’t know why you’re spouting bullshit. Hope you catch it while you’re “doing what you want to do” and you give it to your grandma so you learn your lesson. It’s not weather you’ll be fine it’s that once you catch it you won’t know for a week and your gonna give to your family or whoever else you come in contact with potentially killing a couple people so keep going to the gym d bag

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