Social Skills Essential Pack – RM at Home – Instructions

RM At Home – Social Skills Essential Pack

A collection of engaging stories and games to help teach basic social and life skills.

Kit contains:

Social Situation Stories Book: A collection of 48 social situation stories to help children with Autism and related disabilities to understand and deal with common situations they come across every day at home, school or out in the community. Written by a paediatric Occupational Therapist, these lively stories will engage children and help teach them basic skills as well as making them more comfortable in dealing with and reacting to social cues. Examples of stories include situations such as being teased, understanding when a friend does not want to play, other people’s birthdays, making choices and appropriate touch. 48 pages. A4.

Social Situation Stories – Tricky Times: This follow-up book looks to develop ways to improve understanding of less regular situations that can cause a great deal of distress and uncertainty. Examples include: Christmas play, inset days, fire alarm, seeing the dentist and moving house. 52 pages, A4.

6 Social Skills Board Games: This great value set of 6 board games will help shape good social skills and behaviour. The six games include morals, manners, empathy, friendship, showing emotions and managing emotions. Each game supports the development of social and emotional skills and the consolidation of those already learnt. Board size: 297mm x 420mm, 20 counters and a dice.

Age 5-11 years.

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