Tekken 7 | Optimize your setup: TV vs. Monitor!

I took a moment to talk about a question that I’ve been asked about quite often recently. So here’s the monitor that I PERSONALLY use.

Link and specs of the BenQ ZOWIE RL2460:



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  1. franman51 9 months ago

    So far you've only mentioned Big TVs vs a 60 Hz monitor; what about 60 Hz monitors compared to 120 Hz, 240 Hz and 360 Hz monitors? So far there's improvement on the higher Hz monitors in FPS in terms of aiming and firing but what about in fighting games?

  2. Travis Sosong 9 months ago

    How do you connect 2 arcade sticks on one ps4???help guys😅

  3. KamiDisturbed 9 months ago

    If i play pc on this monitor and then go ps4 on tournament. Will the ps4 have slightly more input lag? can i add little bit input lag on the pc version with some program if it does?

  4. rosegold boi 9 months ago

    Okay the moniter thing I understand butfor internet I can't use a 100f ethernet chord due to my apartments living arrangements so should I buy a wired wi-fi repeater or power adapters? I'm on a super tight budget so I need to know before going through with an investment.

  5. Underground VGT 9 months ago

    nobody gave me this advice. i went to tournament and my execution was OFF im like what the hell. but now i know its about monitors that these tournaments use. but i can feel the difference. the struggle was real lol. now i know what i need to practice on. great video

  6. Mach5Speed Eat My Space Dust 9 months ago


  7. Damian Dessler 9 months ago

    What about the 27" BENQ? ( If I don't need head-to-head?

  8. njb 9 months ago

    Hi legendarymihawk i bought Zowie RL 2455 and it was a big difference from the regular tv , and I got it for a really good price around 190 $ . Thanks bro you are the best !!

  9. VASU HARDEO 9 months ago

    just saying thanks for this info dude.

  10. neol07707 9 months ago

    Thanks for this. I play ps4 on a 46 inch hd tv. Yet when I go to tournys I notice that my execution is way off. I'm glad that others have experienced the same thing and that there is an explanation for a cure 🙂

  11. Sonic 9 months ago

    Monitor 144hz 0,1ms reaction time ez

  12. Rekkabites Thirteen 9 months ago

    Do you play with V-SYNC turned on? If so, forced or Application based?

  13. KingT RyuJin 9 months ago

    This is just commercial nonsense every monitor with 1ms responding time is more than enough for competitive gaming.

  14. Ryan Johnson 9 months ago

    Looking forward to watching this, I just realised on the weekend that my tv had massive lag, playing on a computer monitor was like playing a whole new game

  15. Saiche 9 months ago

    xl2411 is a good monitor if you play stuff other than tekken and want 144hz

  16. NESisOUT 9 months ago

    ist doch aber eher was für Konsolenspieler oder? wegen 60hz

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