The Glap Android Gaming Controller – Review – Is it any Good?

Is this the Best Android Gaming Controller? In this video, I take a look at the new Glap Android gaming controller also known by some as the Dragon Slay Titan controller. The company Glap claims this is the best overall controller for your android phone and it fits up to a 7.5-inch screen, but how good is it for native android games like Minecraft and Fortnite and how well does it work with emulators such as Dolphin for GameCube or PPSSPP for PSP? With a price tag go $80+ USD is it worth it?
The controller is compatible with Samsung Note 10 and Note 10+.

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Xbox One controller:
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Saitake 7007X Controller:
Black PinPle Version:
Black BEBONCOOL Version:
Red And Blue Version:
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  1. Jonhy Leal 9 months ago

    Works for pubg?

  2. dontdefyurfate25 9 months ago

    Will the GPlay controller fit the Red Magic 5G?

  3. Thiago Cardoso 9 months ago

    This one works with iOS devices?

  4. pro pikachu 9 months ago

    could you start tying call of dty mobile on this controller I just want to know if it works on it

  5. Ahtisham Afzaal 9 months ago

    It's work for pubg mobile?

  6. kyoya941 9 months ago

    implosion if only it worked

  7. Ronald Rosario 9 months ago

    How are you? What game pad you recommend for sniper 3d assassin's.

  8. Caio César Leandro Ribeiro 9 months ago

    Quero isso no Brasil para eu jogar

  9. TV Rust 9 months ago

    is any of these controllers working on the latest ios devices cus I have seen that only on ios 13.4 and below, cus the latest ios 13.5+ have an issue with the Bluetooth for these controllers or something like that, for me, I have an ipega and is not working, only works with an Xbox one controller.

  10. HaiHatcHi 9 months ago

    You payed 79,99$ / £!? I payed 92,62€ (that's 103,77$ or 83,53£). I bought it yesterday (later than you and still expensive) on Amazon and I'm gonna get this today 😁 It's the first time I get something from London. A very expensive controller indeed but first this is the best of the best and I don't care. This video helped me a lot. Thank you for that 👍

  11. Elad Ahrak 9 months ago

    I think Samsung sent you the same script

  12. Invidious Ignoramus 9 months ago

    Those triggers look AWFUL.

  13. leonelmv1 9 months ago

    Is there any android controller with clickable analog joysticks?

  14. ๔คภเا๏ кคгᤇاเภ 9 months ago

    I have a crazy idea. To broke it in the part where it lengthens to make it able to use with tablets with bigger screen.

  15. Jose Burgara 9 months ago

    Can somebody please help me?I just bought the glap and I'm having trouble understanding the charging prosses the instructions manual doesn't mention how long am I suppose to keep on the charger or mention any lighting indications how is the proper way to charge this devise it cost me 130 i don't want to burn out my devise community please help

  16. pcjc2006 9 months ago

    Hi just wondering if i should go for xbox one controller or a android based one or ps4 as don't mind both as I'm thinking of buying one for my birthday on 15th June but wanted to use with my note 10 plus and with my switch via 8bitdo dangle to lol and game compatibility with different apps and game streaming apps ? Thanks in advance 🙃

  17. AntyVirusUK 9 months ago

    So if i cant find a 7007x should i get this?

  18. Mala Thomas 9 months ago

    Why don’t you play grid Autosport as a test you can get it for free just get the apk

  19. Steven Shelby 9 months ago

    Glap has stick drift i only played with it a good 2 to 3 times not long at all pit it away it in cast left it there so it's practically new with lots of stick drift this new stuff sucks the switch joy con to , i had my ps3 control for year good battery no drift ps4 no drift there was a button problem but i feel that was do to my actions whats going on in the world if we spend this kind of money we expect quality

    The 7007 has bad battery and connection problem 😒 mine want change anymore

  20. Bogs Samhe 9 months ago

    is this good for samsung A7 2018 ?

  21. Franklin Riordan 9 months ago

    I don't see any explanation anywhere on how to set your buttons on a glap controller. Any ideas on where I can get this information?

  22. suresh gupta 9 months ago

    hi my friend i eagerly want to know is that samsung glap support pub g mobile on samsung s20 ultra please help me thank you

  23. Jose Burgara 9 months ago

    Great video dude I have a question am I able to play call of duty mobile with this controller right out the box without the panda app

  24. Dungeons Dragons 9 months ago

    Will ark survival evolved work with it????

  25. ʝụ 9 months ago

    Hello, how to turn on this gamepad ?…
    I've Just received it And charged 2 hours, but I cant turned it on 😩

  26. Omar Guerrero 9 months ago

    I used my controller for Wii games that use the classic controls

  27. Jordan Stewart 9 months ago

    People go look at his Flydigi Apex review it is probably best controller out period for PC, phone etc

  28. Nickvids 9 months ago

    Hi i would like to know if you van play overwatch on note 10 + plus ?

  29. Andrew Chaney 9 months ago

    Hello just curious. I have a controller and the instructions in the box says you can recharge it through enveloped usb type-c cable, and once the recharging is completed, led will indicate red light. My controller died so I pluged it up using the type-c cable and less than 1 second it starts flashing red. Theirs no way its done charging that quick. How do I know its done charging do anyone know? Please help!

  30. IRON-CHAN 9 months ago

    The name sounds like an electronic std. As well for that price, it would have to work with my console to. Not alot of main title mobile games have good controller support besides emulators.

  31. alessandro meroni 9 months ago

    Cool video, thanks a lot. Do you know if it work as well with brawl stars game? Thanks again

  32. Akshay Kanojia 9 months ago

    So you cannot use wired hp while playing with gamepad

  33. Joseph Barros 9 months ago

    it does have a good shape…

  34. FlikM 9 months ago

    i see there's a second delay for responding ….ill pass on that one, i need something that is 0ms response controller

  35. David Olvera 9 months ago

    I want to purchase this for my s20 ultra but my only concern is will it be wobbly since the phone is not completely flat. If it's wobbly what would you suggest 🤔

  36. AGUNG -eL 9 months ago

    but you cant using any headphone even bluetooth ,becuase its used by the controller

  37. Nunzio99 Lombardo 9 months ago

    A very interesting video but I would like to know if it is compatible the Samsung Glap with the Samsung Fold, if when I open the device it is possible to insert it in the controller.

  38. Thought Loop 9 months ago

    Are the shoulder triggers analog like a game cube controller? Or are they just clicked or not?

  39. Zack Lemyre 9 months ago

    Find this video after searching for the glop glop glap glap song

  40. Arkel Lahi 9 months ago

    I have A50 and i really need a controller to work really well…

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