Ultimate Guide to Dungeons in RIFT 2015

Hey y’all! – This is my ultimate guide to dungeons in RIFT. It’s mainly aimed at new/returning players so if you’re a a RIFT Veteran you probably won’t get a super amount from this video! – Enjoy 😀

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  1. Alan Moura 9 months ago

    I am new to the rift , you can tell me that classes are the ones that you are using in the video?

  2. Rhyath Mckwan 9 months ago

    Looking to get back in to rift this week after having a year off. Seems quite a bit has changed. Any guides you suggest before I jump in and make a noob of myself?

  3. Knowmercy's Grand Adventures Really Grand 9 months ago

    Seaton, it would be great if you could do a similar video but for warfronts. Just a good ol fashion run down. I'm new, and there is no explanation about these whatsoever. I dont even know what team Im on or what any of the map indicators or goals/objectives are. And of course finding information about rift online is a crapshoot. Love your work and gratz on ur new job.

  4. Kenneth Slemmer 9 months ago

    Seatin, Man Who Never Sleeps. Love these videos. Why are your inventory bags such a mess? Lol. For those who are not yet aware you can reset the bag positions automatically thru the settings. When if at all is GF coming to America? We could use a great trampoline park here in Atlantic City and probably get Donald Trump to build it!! Yeah!!

  5. Big Moe 9 months ago

    Dr Seatin, great vid but missed out an important info for the noobies out there, and that's role swapping for trash and bosses. AoE role for trash and best single target dps for bosses.there are still many people that just play 1 role all the way through like a pyro or ranger and it's annoying

  6. Troy Sturgill 9 months ago

    I just can't bring myself to care about RIFT anymore. Trion has done too many stupid, greedy things and put in too much RNG bullsh*t for me to get back into it.

  7. Michael Johnson 9 months ago

    Welcome back. you were and are the best videos for Pve content thank you. I am a F2p Player building my game through rex. you might think about doing F2p video. all i have left is to unlock the 2 soul packs. Anyway i am very much looking forward to your new videos, keep up the good work.

  8. Jeremy Mathers 9 months ago

    Thinking about reinstalling. What mods do you use?

  9. Raigoku 15 9 months ago

    Awesome help for newbies. You should take a step further and make the same guide for lvl 65 newbies. A Rhen of Fate explained(you can include Ungolok again). Yeh, I know that there is a metric of shit-ton of guides on that, and that the raid is little to no challenge, but so many 65 players are scared shitless when they hear about raiding, that I think seeing you casually run a raid and explain few things on the way would help them overcome this irrational fear and maybe give raiding a shot. Cheers!

  10. Omelora 9 months ago

    I noticed that towards the end you kept referring to yourself as a plural, using "us" and "we"… Have you multiplied? Are you now Seatin's, Men of Legends?

  11. Tyraxxis 9 months ago

    8:21 holy shit seatin you have ashes of the phoenix shoulders!? :O

  12. Tyraxxis 9 months ago

    a great guide! keep playing rift! (or i'll die :S)

  13. elmedico0928 9 months ago

    +Seatinmanoflegends Are you going to jump in and try GW2 now that it has gone F2P??? Could use your MMO awesomeness in The world of Tyria!

  14. phT06 9 months ago

    Not sure why but I find myself downloading Rift update to play again. Must be the power of the Seatin, Man of Legends.

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