Unity 2D Inventory System From A To Z (1/2)

💫 (•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑ Hello everyone Welcome to my channel!

This is the first episode of this series. In this video, I will cover how to build on UI canvas and set up the Inventory menu, PlayerMovement, Pickup Items, ScriptableObject and AddItem function.


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⭐️ Next episode, We will 👀 Make Remove-Item function, 👑 Add more items, Create tooltip and 🔓Fix the errors during gameplay.

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  1. ABprice 9 months ago

    Thankyou For The Video This Video Was Very Helpful But I Have One Problem, That Is How Can I Add More Than 1 Items At Once If Its a Existing Item? Like Adding 10 books other than 1 book

  2. Luamar Games 9 months ago

    Muito Bom, apesar de eu não saber falar inglês, com uma legenda estou aprendendo demais!

  3. foxxo mask 9 months ago

    fatal error: MemoryStream corrupted?

  4. S K 9 months ago

    just curious but is there a 2 of 2?
    Thank you. Nice work on 1 of 2.

  5. Richy CharmyMan 9 months ago

    it is neccesarry to pause the gamemanager?? I mean you create a public bool isPaused for gamemager instance…and use it in both method..? thx.

  6. Raptor Swire 9 months ago

    "click this, set it to 200, replace image, change the color"
    ……man, this is not how you do tutorial. EXPLAIN STUFF! Why are you doing this? How does it work?

  7. Pusilli Rex 9 months ago

    Thank you!

  8. gamethusiast cafe 9 months ago

    loved it <3

  9. DevsGamer 9 months ago

    Nice vid Joe as always! Could you make a crafting system tutorial and connect it with this inventory? Thx mate

  10. adhochero 9 months ago

    i have watched several inventory tutorials in the past couple days, and yours is by far the best and easiest to implement, thank you so much for this tutorial.

  11. Sourc3 Freestyler 9 months ago

    This video is great, I dont know how dont have more views

  12. alex tan 9 months ago

    Please make a crafting System! combining with your inventory system like Minecraft. I'm having abit of trouble

  13. Reid Winchester 9 months ago

    This is one of the only unity tutorials i've ever been able to successfully follow and understand and incorporate into something I've already built. I love this, thank you man

  14. Stephen Abineri 9 months ago

    Nice video mate, got yourself a subscriber!

  15. Ploy Poonyasiri 9 months ago

    really nice tutorial, i would create some game 😀 . ( your sound remind me Blackthronprod )

  16. Bet I Know 9 months ago

    Please create a level selection and character selection with modifying weapons!! Its a request!!

  17. Ron 9 months ago

    YES!! thank you joe!! I was waiting for this 🙂 this is great!

  18. 설후개의 Game Dev. 9 months ago


  19. Dev GomDol 9 months ago

    wow! It's a good inventory system. Easy and detailed explanations are also great!

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