Unity Game Creator Tutorial – Inventory UI

In this video we’ll be setting up our Inventory UI.

We’ll be continuing where we left of with our Advanced UI, and integrated the Inventory UI in our own pause menu.

You will need Game Creator and Inventory module, as the goal here is to combine these for better results.

This will be the first in a series of videos covering inventory (so much to see really)

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  1. Shem Tom_ke 9 months ago

    Yow, i made a game over ui but on death the scene loads itself automatically without giving me the time to check on the game over scene. Do you have the tutorial? I wish to stop the scene from reloading to start a fresh on death of a player.

  2. mr gulag 9 months ago

    Hello! I've been watching videos of this asset and using it a lot. It is simply awesome! But i have one question, if GameCreator supports multiplayer using UNet or something similar?

  3. ThePixelitomedia 9 months ago

    YEAH!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  4. Michael Harvey 9 months ago

    great work, It helps when it is explained how these modules connect, and gets me re-thinking about my game development. thanks

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