Using Inventory Icons & Images – #41 Creating A Role Playing Game With Unreal Engine 4

In this video we take a look at how we can add inventory icon images into our RPG game inside of Unreal Engine 4 by creating a content binding which links our slot variables to our newly imported textures for the icons.

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  1. Enes Gürdal 9 months ago

    Hey, thanks for this awesome course series! I have a question. When you add your images, which is 385×91 pixels and just 5kb in size, your images look great on UI widget. Yet, when I try to use my own image, which is 2k size, it looks terrible… What's the magic? What do I do wrong? Help me, please…

  2. Luke Dane 9 months ago

    my images are not showing up?

  3. Lemillion 9 months ago

    any idea why my icons appear white instead of Door Key?

  4. skyline ourlife 9 months ago

    in my blueprint game mod there is nothing like I can do to have everything in your video

  5. Assassinator Entertainment 9 months ago

    Hi Virtus, I am a long time watcher of your videos and I have a question that might be simple to answer. When I bring in a image from Photoshop for my HUD they are not clean looking, they have rough edges. Yours look clean and smooth. Is there something I am missing?

  6. Senkon 9 months ago

    Lol the SimpleAI picks up the items for me.

  7. Ben Reid 9 months ago

    Don't worry if i take off my like. I'm using the 'likes' to track where I'm up to ;). btw, I LIKE em all buddy & often point friends whom need good tut's to Virtus Learning. Cheers

  8. ShadowKnight16 9 months ago

    Hey, just a quick question, how would I go about closing the inventory using a key binding rather than a button

  9. me me 9 months ago

    hello, in one of the earlier videos for this rpg series, you made the character go into cast magic pose by pressing Z. can i ask if that is required for ability 1/heal which is done later on because it's not referenced anymore

  10. TwiceGamers 9 months ago

    This is the final episode?

  11. xian le 9 months ago


  12. Robert Benedetto 9 months ago

    As a long time developer I cringe while watching this. I understand that you are trying to keep things simple and easy, but what about when people will need to scale their game? Maybe you should do two versions of the video? A more advanced one, and a simple one like this for people that don’t have programming down yet?

  13. T-bag115 Gaming 9 months ago

    Really great video. You are really working hard. Thanks and keep it up

  14. Mrminecraftwizz1 9 months ago

    When will you do enemies that fight you and take away health with death animations?

  15. Emil gündüz 9 months ago

    Very Nice video, Can you not make a series were you show how to share project with friends or teamworkers, somthey Can change on The same project as me. Can you also make a series, how to make a official server so people can play the game.

  16. D8GAMES 9 months ago


  17. Arkadiy T 9 months ago

    Thanks for video! Keep Going!

  18. Henning Kluth 9 months ago

    Will you do a tutorial series for a turn based battle system?

  19. Amuo's channel 9 months ago

    And car in third person controler

  20. Amuo's channel 9 months ago

    Hey bro plz make normal citizen ai like gta or assassins creed type

  21. Datz CJ 9 months ago

    I Love your videos, and Iv'e been following these RPG Tutorials, and in the 2nd video, you got all of these packs for the map,but there is no map, just the 3rd person defualt. Can you make a vid on the map please

  22. dari kostov 9 months ago

    Pls i need help how to make character chase character

  23. HYFA 9 months ago

    Hey Virtus ! Do you make a vidéo of IK foot placement ? Thanks you 😊

  24. Christopher Muniz 9 months ago

    Yes! I love your RPG tutorial series!

  25. AMINE 9 months ago

    another great video!

  26. DevSquad Learning Hub / Game Dev Courses 9 months ago

    We start to wrap up the inventory system, introducing icons for your inventory system!

  27. RETRO_IQ 9 months ago


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