Volunteer with rhinos and elephants in Zimbabwe

Find out what it’s like working with endangered species in Africa!

This unique wildlife conservation programme, based at Imire: Rhino & Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe, combines rhino and elephant conservation work with conservancy management and wildlife monitoring. The project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play an important role in the daily activities involved in the operation of a rhino conservancy, and become part of a dedicated, passionate conservation family.

What do rhino and elephant volunteers do?

Wildlife conservation volunteers are involved with a diverse variety of tasks, including:

– Work with rhinos, elephants and an abundance of other iconic African wildlife;
– Participate in conservation activities including game counts, wildlife research and animal tracking;
– Assist with anti-poaching efforts to ensure the continued safety of the animals;
– Educate local school children about conservation, wildlife and the environment;
– Learn about wildlife conservation and the threats to African wildlife, and experience first-hand the immense undertaking of managing a private wildlife conservancy.

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  1. Sarah S 9 months ago

    amazing video!!! I was there in February 2020 and I really want to go back one day!!! Imire is doing incredible things!

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