If your having problems with csgo lagging and studdering randomly, this video will help fix that! Hope you guys enjoy!

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If your experiencing frame drops in game watch this:

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  1. CAZE GAMING 9 months ago

    If you guys also want to learn how to get more FPS out of csgo, watch this:

    For people who are experiencing random major frame drop in csgo or any other game, there are many possible things that could be causing it. The solutions I mention in this video may help but also might not fix the entire problem! It can also be cause by CPU slowdowns, overheating or background processes try to push an update from something.

    IMPORTANT! If your experiencing frame drops in game, watch this video:

    Other things you can do to help lag: 1. LIMIT YOUR FPS!!! Set an fps limit on csgo or whatever game your playing to stop your gpu from stressing to push as many frames as possible!!! 2. Make sure your computer is running cool with its fans at a high speed and in an area not restricting its air flow. 3 If your playing on a laptop make sure you have it always plugged in and running on high performance mode (which can be turned on under battery settings). Other than that make sure all apps are updated and closed before you start you game!

  2. Karate Kater 9 months ago

    Everything in this video but the stutters are rampant

  3. J1nXeD 9 months ago

    hey i have a problem i reset my pc and after that i download amd r7 240 driver for my graphics card and then i update my windows 10 version etc. after that i try to open csgo on medium sittings it lags the ping is good but the game play really lag when i change it to high sittings the gameplay is really smooth but the ping is getting worst when i try to change it to lowest sittings it getting more lag and lagger,,,,,,,,,,, before i didnt reset my pc,,, all my games are ok the csgo is ok really smooth etc. after i reset it got worst all other games is ok no lag what so ever dota2 and valorant …… can u help me?

    do u know how to fix this?

  4. halfpipefreak 9 months ago

    I'm beginning to fucking HATE csgo for this, I paid fucking money for this shit game and it's not even a really hardcore high grapic game, It's just a fucking shooter and SHIT DOES NOT FUCKING WORK. FUCK CSGO, FUCK STEAM. GOD FUCKING DAMNIT.

  5. Dubzdoob 9 months ago

    Thank you so much it was my drivers only thank god🙏

  6. Sebastien Tan 9 months ago

    Help me I play normally at 165fps but sometimes it suddenly drops to 40 😢

  7. Blashpo. 9 months ago

    Thanks didnt know I needed to gforce

  8. Gogo29 Pr0 9 months ago

    when i started cs go it lagged ultimately, i tried to restart it but not fixed, then i realised gta v was opened

  9. xXxC0nSUm3rXxX1337 9 months ago

    stupid af video

  10. Prathmesh Johari 9 months ago

    I have a gaming pc i never got any issue but today when i open cs go it took about 16mb of update and now whenever i move my mouse it starts to stutter heavily if i dont move my mouse everythig works perfactly but moving the mouse freeze and stutter the game plz help…

  11. hertz 9 months ago

    what the fuck since Ulletical changed the walls in aim_botz fps got fucked in this map

  12. ZeroDoge 9 months ago

    when I go near teammates I lag like hell

  13. tong 9 months ago

    gtx950 cant play this 100fps even low possible

  14. yxngminge 9 months ago

    my fps in valorant is around 200 and is perfectly fine whereas in csgo my fps is 300 and it feels like im getting around 50

  15. V3NOM 9 months ago

    Guys I am getting like 15ms variance resulting in fps drops only in one account. I have a second account and I'm getting 5ms variance max. Y is it so please HELP ME

  16. Blaz3d Gaming 9 months ago

    My cs lobby is droping fps to 0 sometimes its works ok sometimes is laagy as hell and my cpu usage go to 100% what shld i do…

  17. NxBad 9 months ago

    I don't understand this shit game, it was all normal until my VAR goes to 122 ms, i open csgo 12 fps csgo stops working, can't do shit in the game, it has got me blue screen of death one time, FUCK THIS STUPID SHIT GAME

  18. Eduardus Adrian 9 months ago

    i get sudden fps drops to make me stutter for a sec then it came back up I don't get it

  19. rajannn 9 months ago

    Yes its very fucking annoying i always get random spike when facing the enemy, ended up with raging or some shit

  20. Bass Boost Master 9 months ago

    rtx 2070 super? I have 8800gt…

  21. Love 24 9 months ago

    When I updated my drivers Maybe affects my ping about 1400ms when I play CS Go getting lagg . Can you help me what to do . Tnx

  22. jayvlone ‎ 9 months ago

    alr but he has a sick ass background

  23. ZenT TM 9 months ago

    Also, try typing this command in the console cl_forcepreload 0

  24. omar armosh 9 months ago

    can any one help me i have lag when i facing ppl but if i am solo no thing happen even tht if i am far away from player about 1-2m there is nothing happen just it give me big lag if i am close to player

  25. Armatronic 9 months ago

    My ping is fine, my drivers are up to date. I run only Discord while playing CS:GO.
    I do not think it is a issue because I have 32GB of RAM. In random moments i get teleported left and right while playing/shooting etc… Help me out guys.

  26. Nilakash Das 9 months ago

    NICE SMURF account !

  27. RisK Jiggles 9 months ago

    when i play the game will freeze for 2 seconds then go back and it happends all the time

  28. ツz0robr 9 months ago

    a 3 weeks from now im being laggin in ping and today I have an fps lag in csgo and in league of legends and another games even in the crhome and my PC isn't bad is a 2070 and an i7, is just I'm like 50 ms and shows in the tab and in couple of seconds cgo for 200 300 or 60 70 100 and the fps isjust I'm with 300 fps and suddenly go to 14 10 6 fps, so if you have any solution please help me

  29. Saturn Games 9 months ago

    Hey man usualy i have about 250 fps in csgo but today i opened my computer and i was not getting above 30 fps i checked my graphics card if everything was pluged right but it didnt seem to help can you help me out ?

  30. Aksa Faisal 9 months ago

    im not lagging, anymore. but one thing i really confused what causing a spikes. well, i run in 130+fps but what causing spikes??? my pc is very clean already. no malicious program, or anything about that makes pc lag. but what causing SPIKES on a game? but the fps are big

  31. Tomijones 9 months ago

    get good pc + internet = fixed

  32. Golden Ninja 9 months ago

    i like tha background can u send the link for it

  33. Freaked out 9 months ago

    Built a pc for my 13yr old sibling so he could play CSGO during lockdown. But its not even playable inspite to having a decent Setup. What can I do to fix it?

  34. MysteryCR 9 months ago

    Updated my drivers and my game is more laggy lol and my fps dropped alot

  35. Garfield 9 months ago

    The drivers are the problem tnx

    All of them are outdated,

  36. Nooeyy 9 months ago

    i only lag in comp games and i just teleport back and forth in the game i tried capping my fps at 144 to match my monitor but it didn't help i also get 30 ping

  37. Crocogater ;x 9 months ago

    So, for a couple of days my CS GO keeps lagging for no reason every 5 seconds. It only happens in CS GO, even after I updated all of the drivers and verified the integrity of game files :p
    Any suggestions?

  38. MOON 9 months ago

    when i play siege im getting over 80 fps but in csgo or any source games the fps drops under 60 where i usually get around 150

  39. J- nix15 9 months ago

    I updated the first audio and run csgo, it did work but in low graphics but its fine, and i wonder if i could update all of them so i did, and i run csgo again, and put it to the highest graphics i could and play some games and it worked, no more lags, no more stutter and it works well, kudos man!

  40. Alim Metin 9 months ago

    Thank you so much. It worked instantly <3

  41. i tan 9 months ago

    Fuck you

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