Wobble Deck Extreme from Diggin Active

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The Wobble Deck Extreme is an electronic balance board that features four balance games to challenge the mind and body. The first game is Copy Wobble. Stand on the Wobble Deck Extreme and tip the board to the correct color when it tells you to. You only have one second to get the right position. The levels get faster and harder, mixing up colors, numbers, and shapes. You can also challenge a friend in this game by comparing scores.

Wobbly Statues tests kids agility. Wobble like crazy until you hear the Wobble Deck shout “Freeze!” At that point, you must stay where you are and stop moving the board. Don’t move again until the Wobble Deck says so. As you move through the levels, wobbling and freezing gets less predictable. The game can be played in groups of two or more. Take turns to play and see who lasts the longest.

Make up a tune with your feet in Musical Wobble. Stand on the board and wobble around to the beat to compose your own music. There are three backing tracks, and each one cycles through 12 beats. When you tilt towards a color, a musical note is added in time with the rhythm. Notes are then played back in the following 12 beat cycles. The game can also be played with more than one player. Choose a backing track, lay down a tune, and let a friend add to the music.

The last game is Memory Wobble. Stand on the board and repeat the movements the Wobble Deck shouts out. The sequences get longer each time you repeat them back correctly. Conquer 40 instructions to become a memory master. The game can also be played with two or more players taking turns to see who can remember the most sequences.

You can also play Copy Wobble, Memory Wobble, and Musical Wobble with the Wobble Deck Extreme’s base. It comes apart from the Wobble Deck to become a handheld device with buttons that kids can press.


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